Checkout Vivo NEX S Review

Vivo NEX S Review

Vivo demonstrated an idea telephone called Apex at Mobile World Congress 2018 which was a first evident bezel-less cell phone. It resembled an implausible idea around then however here we are, after only four months with a fresh out of the box new leader gadget from Vivo which is a genuine completed variant of Apex.
Vivo is calling this telephone Vivo NEX S and its show is nearest to bezel-less as it gets. Telephone includes some amazing cutting edge highlights, leaving tech goliaths like Apple and Samsung route behind yet is it a look at eventual fate of cell phones? Or on the other hand is it only an idea which will cease to exist? We should discover.


First thing that will strike you taking a gander at this telephone is nonappearance of bezels. I have not seen many telephone with more prominent screen-to-body proportion than Vivo NEX S, with Vivo guaranteeing that 91.24 percent of telephone's front is all screen. There's no bezel to finish everything and side of the telephone with just a tad at base and gratefully, there's no step either. It is only all screen and it looks totally shocking that way.

Vivo NEX S takes after signals of numerous present leads regarding outline, with a glass raise that utilizations holographic laser scratching innovation to give surface an idiosyncratic and intriguing look. On dark form of this telephone, on the off chance that you get it against directional lighting, there's a rainbow-shading refraction to be seen that gets in plan. Sides are additionally bended to empower simple taking care of as this is a substantial telephone.

At front, there are no catches for route as its all took care of by means of programming, much like how it's done on Apple iPhone X. As it's an all-screen front plan, you won't locate a forward looking camera yet that doesn't mean this telephone doesn't accompany it. Vivo has actualized their first historically speaking fly up selfie camera that is in upper left edge of telephone. When you boot up selfie mode, you'll be welcomed by little camera mechanically hopping up so you can take your shot. In the event that you leave camera application or change back to raise camera, it will drop down in around 2 seconds. At first, I was a little stressed that it will require investment to turn out in the event that I need to take a speedy selfie yet once you open camera application and change to selfie mode, it never takes over 2 seconds to fly out and work with the goal that's a major thumbs up.

Alongside selfie camera, there's a 3.5mm earphone jack, while base edge of this telephone includes a USB Type-C charging port and a solitary speaker for tuning in to general sound. Another advancement from Vivo includes earpiece speaker, where different cell phones have a gap for this in assortment of telephone, Vivo has rather incorporated an earpiece with show itself. This is accomplished utilizing an innovation called Screen SoundCasting and it works likewise to bone conduction innovation. It implies you can put any piece of screen to your ear amid a telephone call, and Vivo claims this should offer better stable quality in telephone calls as well.

A third development by Vivo is an in-screen unique finger impression scanner as there isn't any physical finger impression scanner to be found on Vivo NEX S. This isn't the primary telephone I've seen come to showcase with an in-show unique mark tech, however it's as yet an oddity to simply put your finger on screen and watch it work its verification enchantment. With Vivo NEX S, you can just place your finger or thumb in a particular region on screen and it doesn't work while telephone is laying on a level surface to spare battery life. You need to lift it up in your grasp with the end goal for it to work. There's a little symbol to demonstrate to you where to put your finger, thus far, I've discovered it to work quickly. In my testing, it ended up being genuinely exact, yet Vivo prescribes it as essential approach to open this telephone.

At back of this gadget, you'll locate a double camera setup, set vertically on upper left of gadget. There's a LED streak beneath camera module and NEX marking in center of gadget. You'll just locate some more Vivo marking at base of gadget with rest of back kept clean to show its novel shading evolving wonder.

Vivo hasn't specified whether Vivo NEX S is Gorilla Glass ensured yet it is doubtlessly not residue and water safe so you should need to be cautious while utilizing this telephone close to a water source. In general, it's an invigorating outline, with a few advancements to challenge big cheeses in cell phone industry and it a joy to see Vivo doing their best to push limits of cell phone plan for client fulfillment.


As there's so little bezel, Vivo NEX S offers a gigantic screen. It has a 6.59-inch 'Ultra FullView' AMOLED Full HD show with a determination of 1080x2316p, angle proportion of 19.3:9 and pixel thickness of 388 ppi. Indeed, even with such an expansive show measure, it isn't more extensive than Google Pixel 2 XL and scarcely any taller. That implies it's no issue for holding one-gave by any means.

Screen itself is an AMOLED board, with the goal that implies rich blacks. When I contrasted it and Google Pixel 2's show, it surely looked better with hues flying up additional. Notwithstanding, it was no place close Huawei Mate RS Porche Design's AMOLED show which is in its very own class yet that is an amazingly costly cell phone and Vivo NEX S's show at its cost is entirely pleasant and sharp. In addition, even at this bigger than 6 inch scale, there's adequate detail on screen for your eyes.

In particular, there's not a single indent to be seen here. Numerous makers have actualized an Apple iPhone X like outline, with a passed out territory at focus best of telephones. Vivo, be that as it may, influences you to acknowledge how contrastingly and better one could actualize a show with expect to limit bezels without score.

Toward the finish of day, it is a delightful and expansive screen which is set for make this telephone and energizing bit of innovation.


Vivo already had a notoriety for utilizing mid-level equipment on a large portion of their lead gadgets. Vivo NEX S is an entire distinctive story, nonetheless. Telephone packs a Snapdragon 845 processor and Adreno 630 GPU, close by a heavy 8GB RAM with two on-board stockpiling choices: 128 GB or 256 GB. There's no microSD card opening, be that as it may, so in the event that you truly require more stockpiling, at that point hard good fortune.

Amid my execution test, telephone performed particularly well, opening all applications without any issues and there was no slack at all. I experienced web based life applications that a great many people use as multi-entrusting was entirely smooth on Vivo NEX S. Indeed, even while opening overwhelming recreations like PUBG, I didn't confront any issue and on account of its untouchable equipment specs, this telephone performed like a mammoth. Equipment on Vivo NEX S can be a little hit and miss, in any case, for the most part because of programming usage. Some applications are somewhat reluctant while opening for no evident reason. WhatsApp now and then opened a little slower than on Google Pixel 2 which is a similarly less ground-breaking gadget.

Discussing equipment, Vivo's forward looking camera is a moving module which covers up inside telephone and flies out at whatever point camera application is enacted. It's a moving part and it concerned me as there is unquestionably some contact having its impact each time camera flies out and returns in. Vivo, notwithstanding, claims that it has tried this camera module around 50,000 times so clients shouldn't be concerned.

For sound, you just get a solitary base terminating speaker which isn't awesome however it does the activity for a great many people. In general, it's a balanced equipment encounter, with concentrate laid on execution and advancement, and it will undoubtedly make Vivo fans to a great degree satisfied.


Vivo has selected a 4,000mAh battery inside their most recent lead gadget. Battery is vast however may in any case battle considering how much screen this telephone must power at whatever point it's turned on.

Amid my test, I incorporated a blend of work and play, including some gaming, and I have been getting around 16 hours for every charge. In comparable form to Apple iPhone X, be that as it may, Vivo NEX S proposes it has endless battery control at its upper rates (i.e. from full), which starts to get weaker towards bring down end of range. I would get around 12 long stretches of use from full down to 40 for each penny, with base end of battery appearing to exhaust somewhat speedier.

Notwithstanding 'ordinary' battery mode, Vivo NEX S offers a Low Power Mode to throttle CPU/GPU, and a Super Power-Saving Mode which just empowers contacts, telephone, messages and clock. You can scarcely complete a thing, however it'll keep going for quite a long time.

Regardless of having a glass back, Vivo has excluded remote charging innovation in this telephone, however it does at any rate bolster quick charging. You get a quick charger inside box also which is fit for charging this telephone at 22 Watts. This is a decent sign that Vivo NEX S should charge inside 2 hours and that for a 4,000 mAh battery isn't terrible in any way.

For most clients, telephone will most recent daily of easygoing use and in my test, telephone kept going longer than Samsung Galaxy S9 so you shouldn't stress over coming up short on battery without enduring an entire day on Vivo NEX S.


The element which everybody discussed on this telephone is its forward looking lifting camera. Vivo made a striking move of executing this plan choice and utilizing it for first time, it beyond any doubt felt as a curiosity. At front, you get a 8 MP sensor with a f/2.0 gap fit for recording recordings at 1080p. Nature of selfies has been alright in my testing as this won't give you those dazzling selfie shots that you can see from a few telephones, however curiosity alone of it coming up from inside Vivo NEX S is certain to urge you to boot in advance camera all the more frequently.

I could watch that camera move all through its walled in area such huge numbers of times, as it's an extremely fun component to be sure. It likewise stays away from crazy arrangement of a base edge camera, as found on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, for instance.
At back, Vivo NEX S's accompanies a 12 and 5 MP double camera setup, which is progressively ordinary for telephones. Lower-determination sensor's data can be utilized for profundity information, which implies it can deliver obscured foundation impacts (bokeh) for its Portrait mode, which has turned into a fan most loved everywhere throughout the world after Apple's advancement of this mode. On Vivo NEX S, usefulness of Portrait mode is somewhat like best end Huawei P20 Pro. Vivo likewise offers a f/0.95 most extreme programming based opening, which is chosen and balanced by an on-screen slider. Programmed facial acknowledgment guarantees center in perfect place, while foundation and forefront obscures away to sensational impact. It has similarly the same number of bugs with adjust edge identification as some other producer's usage of this element, as none have it right at this time, yet it's what individuals need and it's amusing to have on load up.

There are camera AI includes here like on Huawei scope of items and some different gadgets, which means camera will improve its settings to take what it accepts to be the absolute best when you're shooting specific articles. Vivo has pressed in heaps of different highlights here too including a stunner mode, displays and man-made brainpower channels that will work correspondingly to Snapchat. In Vivo NEX S, usefulness of Face Beauty mode is somewhat unique to different producers, yet there are a few likenesses to Huawei P20 Pro.

With respect to principle sensor, its 12MP is brought specifically from Sony, which means a bigger than-normal pixel measure for better light-social affair properties. Self-adjust is great, as well, while man-made brainpower handles programmed scene acknowledgment (out of 17 accessible modes) for most ideal picture every single time, like, say, Huawei Honor 10. Telephone likewise shoots recordings up to 4K at 30 fps, in any case, a moderate movement mode isn't found as it can be seen on some other leader gadgets, as Samsung Galaxy S9,

Generally speaking, it's a decent camera, yet it's not the best you'll discover. Results need detail in specific zones, while different regions are over-honed which can prompt a corona impact around subject edges. Camera application could likewise be more easy to understand and faster to offer alteration between modes. Low-light pictures do resolve picture commotion, be that as it may, for generally clean shots in dim around evening time. AI additionally isn't sufficiently sharp to distinguish development and up screen speed, which can posture issues for evening time shots and obscure. There is a manual mode, however, which goes some approach to encourage counter. At last, it's as yet a decent camera experience, and one, larger part of cell phones clients will appreciate.


As a matter of first importance, before plunging profound into telephone's product, we should discuss the most vital issue with Vivo NEX S's product. As a China gadget for the time being, there's no Google Play accessible on Vivo NEX S. Vivo conveys Funtouch OS 4.0 on this telephone, which, in spite of being founded on Android 8.1 Oreo, is not a lot like Android. Absence of average trio of Android softkeys may be fine for a Chinese group of onlookers, yet it's an obstacle that different domains will battle with.

Be that as it may, Funtouch OS is an intriguing perspective into various way a gadget can work. Base of the screen has assigned left and right swipe-up summons, used to open settings bar and 'return', individually. A swipe up in center shows current open applications. Swiping from best of gadget opens a settings look bar and notices. You can't get to settings with a swipe down from best of screen, be that as it may, rather an iOS-like swipe up from base, which is out and out irritating in an Android telephone.

Warnings can be gotten to by swiping down from best of screen, similarly as you would with any Android telephone, which is great. There's a square choice close by each warning, be that as it may, which can get out and out disappointing here and there, particularly when it shows up by one of your most vital updates. Initiating warnings in first example is additionally precarious, as they're off per application as a matter of course, and requires some profound menu burrowing to guarantee their activity. And still, after all that, some applications won't tell on this telephone, which I think is because of conflicting Funtouch OS with Android OS.

Moreover, Vivo has its own voice-collaborator, called Jovi. And keeping in mind that that influences me to think about a specific shake genius, it hits more bum notes than I'd like since, it doesn't comprehend my "Welcome Jovi" tones which isn't in Chinese or Mandarin highlight. For a Chinese group of onlookers its complex logical understanding should make it a competent partner, however.

Being a telephone for Chinese market, you'll find numerous Chinese applications on-board and some bloatware also, which surely makes it hard for stock Android fans yet thought behind FunTouch OS is to convey additional highlights stuck with a smooth interface which it ends up conveying. Indeed, even while exploring through UI, I didn't feel any stammer or slack and truly, this is a gigantic change by Vivo in their product division.

By and large, it's a product encounter which numerous Vivo fans in China may love and with all new exploring highlights, Vivo NEX S looks like a telephone with its own exceptional mark. Notwithstanding, for global group of onlookers, Funtouch OS can be a disappointing background, one that can be a genuine hit to Vivo NEX S's believability as an advanced gadget.


Vivo NEX S is accessible in Chinese market for around $825 for 128 GB variation. Vivo has reported that it'll dispatch this telephone in Indian market soon and there are two hues to browse: Black and Red. Vivo NEX is a creative look into future advancements that we're probably going to see show up into leader handsets in coming months and years. Chinese organization pivoted a model to completely fledged dispatch item in such a brief timeframe is demonstration of its drive.

No, Vivo NEX S won't be accessible outside of China at dispatch, and its Funtouch OS is awfully prohibitive for a western gathering of people as of now in time. For individuals who are utilized to telephones by Samsung and Apple, Vivo NEX S will in fact be much hard to use right now. Be that as it may, Vivo will unquestionably dispatch a worldwide variation of FunTouch OS.

In outline I have never observed a telephone with less bezel, making Vivo NEX S look staggering in hands. It's not as colossal as its 6.59-inch screen may recommend either, on account of a fascinating and creative outline that doesn't trade off quality. Gracious, and that fly up selfie camera is one of the coolest things I've ever observed on a telephone and something to absolutely inspire many individuals. It is obviously an energizing telephone that comes pressed with creative highlights and gives a contrasting option to indent plan for the individuals who are frantic to claim a bezel-less telephone. These new innovations might be grasped over next couple of years by organizations around the globe, and I simply trust that Vivo NEX S is esteemed sufficiently enormous to be accessible everywhere throughout the world as quickly as time permits.

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