iRobot Roomba 650 vs 880 Vacuum

Since robot vacuum cleaners are getting greater prevalence nowadays, you may see that there are several unique models to look over.
roomba 650 vs roomba 880
What's more, hence, we present to you a correlation between 2 of the best ones out there, the iRobot Roomba 650 and the iRobot Roomba 880.

How about we look at the iRobot Roomba 650 versus 880 Comparison beneath:

I imagine that on the off chance that you came this far, obviously the two models have their upsides and downsides. Yet, we found that there were a portion of these highlights that were more vital than others.

The Battery: Let's start with battery length and execution. The 880 can persistently vacuum with an even example for around 2 hours without supervision, while the 650 can last of just a hour and you may should be around to give it a hand on the off chance that it stalls out with any furniture.

Suction Power: The suction intensity of the 880 is five times more ground-breaking than that one of the 650. Roomba 880 will have the capacity to evacuate most particles in a matter of seconds with just a single pass, while the 650 may require a couple of goes to do this.

Route System: And at last, the route framework or the AI. It is great that the 880 can move and completely clean numerous rooms with the utilization of the beacons and its cleaning framework. Definitely, the 650 can utilize beacons too, yet you can't make certain that it will clean in a steady example.

Roomba 650 versus 880 Design Differences and Similarities

How about we start by looking at the general plan of these models. When we center around the best side of the cleaners, we can see that there is a slight distinction with regards to catch tally. The 650 has an aggregate of 8 catches on its highest point, while the 880 just has five catches.

The 650 has more catches since you can arrange a cleaning plan with these. The thing is, the 880 has less catches since it likewise incorporates a remote, so you don't need to get the Roomba to design it. It might appear a more direct plan, yet it is likewise more agreeable to utilize.

Furthermore, the 650 has a handle, so it is simpler for you to bear or to lift it up. However, to be completely forthright, you won't utilize it a great deal, since these Roombas should experience most spaces alone.

The one thing that these models have in like manner is a discharge lever on the back. This discharge lever lets free the dustbin that can be confined, cleaned and supplanted in a matter of minutes for the two models.

How the Roomba 650 versus 880 Clean

Every single one of these models depends on an alternate sort of brush or fibers for cleaning. The 880 has an arrangement of elastic extractors rather than the old-dependable fibers. Then again, the 650 has a double brush framework coordinated.

The elastic extractors on the 880 are less demanding to clean, and they are considerably more careful with regards to expelling earth. The main drawback to these extractors is the way that they will stall out on the off chance that you have a pet with long hair or a cover with a more slender weave.

The 650, then again, proves to be useful on the off chance that you have to expel greater residue particles. The fibers will take out the majority of the residue, however they will battle a great deal with regards to pet hair. Indeed, even the most slender hair can stall out on the fibers, so you may need to clean the fibers each time you need to utilize it.

To be completely forthright, there are a couple of models that work splendidly with pet hairs. On the off chance that you overlook this detail, the two models are average with regards to cleaning limit.

Roomba 650 versus 880 Maneuverability Differences

The 650 moves in an extremely direct manner. When it detects an impact with a protest, it "bobs" to the other way. This implies it will clean corners and tight spaces effortlessly, yet it will dependably be chancing upon numerous articles to do this.

Proceeding onward, the 880 will utilize the IR scanner to back off just before it finds a protest. This is a fantastic component since it is an assurance that it won't leave any scrape checks or crash marks while slamming into a reason. The drawback to this is it won't perfect corners and also the 650 does.

Roomba 650 versus 880 Pros and Cons

We specified a wide range of highlights, however to give you a clearer thought, take a gander at a portion of the advantages and disadvantages we found on the two models.

Roomba 650


The keen timetables can prove to be useful on the off chance that you are not home for the greater part of the day

You can abandon it running around evening time since it doesn't make much clamor when running

You can get the nuts and bolts of it pretty effortlessly


It might leave scrape blemishes on furniture

Roomba 880


Since it accompanies a remote, you don't need to be excessively near it for it to work.

It incorporates an arrangement of HEPA channels, for a more careful cleaning

It has a more prominent suction control than generally models

It contains two beacons so you can clean numerous rooms immediately


The sensors are not as exact as you would need them to be

It is significantly more costly than the 650

Obviously the 880 is better than the 650 out of a general situation. Be that as it may, to be completely forthright, you can discover greater utility in the highlights of the 650 relying upon what you are searching for.

Roomba 650 versus 880 Size and Dimensions

With regards to estimate, the 880 is somewhat taller and more extensive than the 650. Furthermore, by little, we mean only 0.9 and 0.1cms in contrast.
The measurements for the 880 are 35.9 cm wide x 9.1 cm high. Then again, the 650 goes for 35 cm x 9.2 cm. As we said, there isn't much distinction with regards to measurements.

A few Roomba models are nearly a similar stature. This is on account of this correct tallness and width are simply ideal for the Roomba to fit in little spaces and under furniture.

Roomba 650 versus 880 Accessories, Parts and Batteries

There are a couple of things that can alter your opinion about a particular model. For instance, what amount of time does the battery last and what amount of extras are incorporated once you buy it?

The most well-known embellishments for these cleaners are beacons. They may appear a ridiculous and little extra, however in the event that you have numerous rooms, you can discover them extremely valuable. They are entryways that enable cleaner to travel through rooms.

These beacons will deny the passage to a specific room. Once the Roomba is done cleaning a territory, the beacon will get a flag, and it will deactivate driving the robot to the following room.

The extras on these models are standard issue. Remember that you can likewise discover numerous different extras or extra parts on the web.

Though the 650 accompanies a solitary beacon that needs no additional batteries. Then again, the 880 has 2 of these, however it requires an additional arrangement of batteries.

The 650 additionally is sent with an additional channel, an aerovac device, and a level cleaning apparatus. Then again, the 880 incorporates the two beacons, an extra HEPA channel, an aerovac and remote control.

Another element customers pay special mind to is the battery life. At any rate with these models, there isn't a lot of an issue since they both return to their charging stations on the off chance that they distinguish that the battery is low, which is a flawless element for any Roomba.

While the 880 will keep running for right around 2 hours in a row until it needs its battery energized, the 650 will keep running for about 60 minutes. In the event that you have a little space to clean, a hour will do fine and dandy. Be that as it may, in the event that you are hoping to clear a more extensive condition, the 800 is the best alternative.

Unpacking and Setup

Roomba 880 Unboxing and Testing:

Roomba 650 Testing

On the off chance that you burn through 30 minutes setting up a straightforward gadget, you are authoritatively losing your opportunity. Most gadgets these days can be designed and prepared to use in under 30 minutes, more in the event that you should locate an online guide.

What's more, on account of these models, you won't take over 15 minutes setting them up. They are entirely clear, and the controls are exceptionally instinctive. It's anything but a supercomputer you are fueling up, so you may not require the client's manual by any means.

In the event that by any possibility, you feel that you require help, don't stress! Each model accompanies a nitty gritty and all around clarified clients direct that will manage you through each progression of the procedure. Quite possibly the client's manual isn't sufficiently clear, so there is as yet another way that you can get help.

What's more, in the event that you believe you are as yet lost some place oblivious side of the moon in the wake of perusing the manual, you can get in contact with the iRobot bolster. The help group will ensure that you don't have any questions, and on the off chance that you require it they will likewise disclose how to settle any issue you have with your model.

Which Model is Quieter?

Up until this point, we have demonstrated that the 880 has significantly a bigger number of highlights than the 650. Be that as it may, at any rate in this area, the 650 turns out triumphant.

The 650 model is one of the calmest models out there. At the point when contrasted with numerous different models it is nothing unexpected that it is calmer since it is outlined principally for that.

Conversely, the 880 makes significantly more clamor, however this is on account of it has a more prominent suction control. Much of the time, you will see that the higher, the suction control the noisier the Roomba.

Cleaning Tests

Hardwood Floor Performance

Both the 650 and the 880 are intended to locate the earth, suck it in and proceed onward until the point that they see a hindrance. The thing is, the 880 has a savvy cleaning framework that guarantees a cleaner floor when contrasted with its antecedents (yes, the 650 is incorporated).

We found that the 880 got together around 95% of the soil with no issue, while the 650 could round up 85%.

Then again, the 880 kept up a more consistent example because of the before specified savvy cleaning framework. Additionally, the suction control is substantially more noteworthy implying that it will get both of all shapes and sizes particles of residue and soil.

At any rate with regards to hardwood floors, the unmistakable victor is the 880. When you turn the 880 on a smooth surface, you can make certain that it will go to its accusing station of the dustbin full and the elastic extractors unclogged.

Cover Performance (Low Pile and High Pile)

Floor coverings are normally similar to kryptonite for Roombas, in any case on the off chance that it is a low or high heap. They will experience it in any case, yet there are a few models that offer a more exhaustive cleaning process.

When we tried the 650 with low and medium heap cover, we were astounded to see that the fibers still evacuated a critical level of the soil, 90% to be correct. We can expect this is a direct result of the double brush framework brushing the residue from the cover.

Then again, the 880 performed well on a low heap, however it experienced considerable difficulties experiencing a medium and high heap cover. This is on account of the elastic extractors started to pull thin free strands of the cover, and these filaments wound up stuck on the extractors.

While both didn't make it to the high heap covers, the 650 turned out to be deserving of a medium heap one. As we stated, this is well on the way to happen due to their distinctive methods for evacuating soil and residue.

Pet Hair Removal

There are numerous vacuums these days that have issues with pet hairs, and Roombas are no exemption.

For our first tests, we chose to bring a pet with shorter thicker hair. For this test, both the 650 and the 880 evacuated 95% of the hair. The issue started when we drew out the serious canons, or for this situation, a pet with longer more slender hair.

With only a couple of passes, both the double brushes and the elastic extractors started to accumulate a monstrous measure of hair as opposed to sucking it to the dustbin. This finished wrecked since the two models couldn't suck in more residue since they were stopped up with the pet hairs.

In general, the 880 set aside greater opportunity to stop up, and it is less demanding to clean. It required us less investment to take the hairs of the elastic extractor than from the double brush.

What One Worth the Price?

For this situation, we trust that the best alternative is the 880. Certainly, it is significantly more costly than the 650, yet it might be worth. On second thought. You have to keep an eye on 650 since it might stall out. This implies you should be home while the Roomba is working.

Then again, the 880 will likewise work with a timetable, and there are less possibilities it stalls out since it has a superior AI. This implies you could be doing your basic supplies and vacuuming your floors in the meantime.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you buy the 880, you will get two beacons, which will enable you to clean more rooms. You could clean in excess of four rooms with the 880 in the event that you locate the perfect place to set the beacons.

For somebody searching for a less expensive vacuum, the 650 is certifiably not a wrong decision. In any case, on the off chance that you are searching for a Roomba paying little mind to its value, the 880 is the best alternative by a wide margin. It is a total model, and it needs less upkeep than the 650.

Main concern

These days everybody needs a robot vacuum. These little gadgets can enable you to clean full rooms, and it will just take you a couple of minutes to set it up! These are inconceivably productive, and as days pass by robot vacuums turn out to be increasingly confused.

You can simply abandon them be for a couple of hours, and when you return, you will find that they vacuumed whole rooms.

In many tests, the 880 won by a wide margin, as well as turned out to be simpler to utilize. Notwithstanding when we took it to the furthest reaches of getting the elastic extractor brimming with pet hairs, we could evacuate them in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Additionally, the broadened battery life and the better AI can prove to be useful on the off chance that you don't have sufficient energy to keep an eye on Roomba for a whole hour.

Ideally, you discovered this correlation valuable. For what reason don't you abandon us your contemplations in the remark area?

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