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HTC has been working additional time to conceal every one of the bases utilizing the HTC Desire umbrella. This incorporates the mid-extend gadgets, and also phablets. The Desire 700, impacted by the outline of the HTC One, has a bigger body, with gleaming plastic wearing the gadget generally speaking. It is a killjoy from the aluminum unibody plan we saw on the HTC One, however has the benefit of the back board being withdrawn and has a replaceable battery also.
HTC Desire 700 dual sim Review

Remaining at 5 inches, the gadget is imperceptibly bigger than the One (4.7 inch) however the qHD show implies the show of the HTC One was greatly improved, and this show has a lower ppi. In any case, the stereo speakers that we likewise observed on the HTC One are available here as well. The back camera has additionally been lessened to a 8MP shooter. The Sense 5 is accessible on the gadget with Jelly Bean 4.1.2, however we are expecting the gadget can be refreshed to Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5.

The gadget has a full-HD video capacity, an expanded battery, and expanded screen estimate over its latest ancestor, the Desire 600 – yet, this gadget chiefly typifies the move in center for the organization, that they are presently hoping to cover every one of the scopes of cell phone gadgets and take the opposition head on. Likewise, the gadget has a China-influenced Spreadtrum To shark quad-center, with Cortex A7 centers, running at 1.2 GHz.

The general structure as far as the above appear to make an ideal contender for a mid range gadget superbly suited for nations where the double SIM alternative is investigated in its maximum capacity.

Unpacking the HTC Desire 700

While unpacking the HTC Desire 700, you will get everything inside the retail box that you have to begin with this telephone.

HTC Desire 700 handset

An A/C connector (will utilize the USB link for charging)

Headphones (without volume control)

MicroUSB link connector for A/C connector for charging


The Desire 700 has a 5" show of qHD goals remaining at 540x960 pixels, and 221 ppi – one of the normal shows around. Be that as it may, the review edges and better hues improve the gadget look than the pixel per inch proposes.

The difference levels are likewise truly OK on the gadget, and it has an amazing level of brilliance – nonetheless, the dark profundity isn't extraordinary, so the more you raise the splendor, the more awful it looks. All things considered, the level of brilliance makes great in daylight intelligibility.


The gadget of the Desire 700 looks like that of the Desire One, uncommonly the front. Likewise, the bezel on the front is entirely thin, making for a restrictive look. The grilles for speakers with the BoomSound innovation and earpiece are put at the correct areas, set to give out the ideal sound while playing amusements, tuning in to music or watching recordings. Alongside the best grille lie the front facer on one side and the sensors on the other. Between the finish of the screen and the base grille lie the Back and Home catches. On the correct side of the gadget lies the volume rocker, while the left side does not have any controls.

At the highest point of the gadget lies the 3.5 mm sound jack and in addition the lockscreen catch. At the base lies the microUSB port and also the receiver.

The back of the gadget is marginally bended, with the slant going towards the edges of the front. The 8 MP snapper and additionally the single LED streak dwell at the back also. The casing around the sides is plastic, and because of plastic, it is dangerous, so it is best to be cautious with the gadget. Close to the base of the back is an opening utilizing which the back cover can be opened.

Underneath the back cover lies the 2,100mAh battery, with three spaces, the initial two for SIM cards, (the principal SIM underpins 3G while the optional has just 2G bolster), while the third for extendable memory, and can be utilized for up to 64 GB.

The extent of the gadget makes it somewhat hard to hold it utilizing one hand, and a less demanding method for dealing with would utilize two hands. Likewise, the best catch is out of agreeable reach, and the tricky back additionally has some outline focuses deducted.

UI and Operating System

The Desire 700 is one stage behind the HTC One and One Max as far as working force, being at Android 4.1.2 and Sense 5 rather than Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5 that the One and One Max shake with. Still the gadget has the exclusive programming like BlinkFeed and Zoe display on it.

HTC Sense favors vertical looking over a considerable amount. This is at first obvious on the BlinkFeed, which is essentially an article stream from various destinations, joined with account refreshes from interpersonal organizations. Articles and updates can be shared to interpersonal organizations straightforwardly. Likewise, the BlinkFeed is a piece of the home screen, being the left generally sheet. The App cabinet is additionally coordinated with vertical looking over. The application exchanging has been changed a bit in the gadget, and can be raised by twofold tapping the home screen, and shows in a 3 x 3 matrix, and swiping up shuts an application – the main issue in this being just 9 latest applications can be seen here – the others can't.

The idea presented by Nokia as of late in the state of Kids Corner, which was presented as of late by Nokia, has been presented here additionally by the mark of Kid's mode. This is essentially an application that permits profile creation, with the goal that profiles can be made for get to. The application takes into account in excess of one profile, so clients can make profiles for every one of their children, and tag applications that are to be accessible against every client.

Want 700 likewise has a different mode to be utilized while in an auto, with its own different format – the view has five sheets, the music, music information, dialer, route, and voice order segments. The design is perfect for clients who need to utilize the gadget in autos, and has each conceivable prerequisite while driving, appropriate on fingertips.

The Setup application is the ideal method to begin utilizing the gadget in the event that you are overhauling from some other Android telephone, as it gives you a chance to pull everything conceivable from your past telephone by means of Bluetooth, including the settings and comparable things, which are not adjusted by Google. This application likewise works for telephones that are not Android telephones but rather have Bluetooth display on them.

Google Now is incorporated into the gadget like other Android subordinate gadgets, and can be propelled in a similar way, by squeezing and holding the Home catch. Google Now likewise perceives sound charges and can take in the use of the web.

The gadget has the normal accelerometer traps present, such as turning the gadget amid call empowers speaker, take mode increments ringtone volume if telephone is in the pocket or satchel, and others.

Moreover, the BoomSound speakers center around the general sound quality and not simply attempting to make it noisy. This implies premium quality sound, with a decent appraising, something that was with HTC One additionally, so we can see HTC hasn't traded off on this – extremely pleasant.

The HTC Zoe, said above, is an application that is more great than different displays, taking in the best of the HTC ImageChip. At the point when the camera is utilized in Zoe mode, each time a photo is taken, up to 20 shots of full goals and also a 3 second video are caught, of which 1 second is before the catch and the 2 seconds after the picture is taken – these are utilized by Zoe for the various highlights show in the application.

One of the highlights said above in Zoe is the Event, which is the gathering of pictures together in a gathering, and in addition formation of a little 30 second video made by joining all the 3 second recordings together, and additionally a slideshow. The gadget additionally gives the capacity to adjust the video segment clasps to be orchestrated and diverse clasps can be chosen also. Video impacts and ambient melodies can likewise be included. The numerous shots and recordings help in the picture altering additionally, helping call attention to the moving articles to be erased, permits finding the best posture for every individual in the picture so the picture is enhanced (swipe each face to locate the absolute best of the individual from the pictures taken), the Sequence shot mode, which the total movement of a man caught into one picture, and in addition other real upgrades. These incorporate the Face Contour, so anybody's face can be thinned, the Skin smoother, a mechanized lighting fix, Eye Enhancer, Red Eye Removal, Eye Brightening, and the Anti-sparkle all these are customizable by means of a slider so minor upgrades can be made without putting the picture out of extent. What's more, this is only the one zone of the application, which is for modifying. There are more, similar to the changes, impacts, and edges – a few people would think about this as a pocket adaptation of the Photoshop.
The Desire 700 has the most recent Sensed-out program pre-introduced, and has negligible screen scope to give the greatest show. A fascinating change is that tabs can be shut utilizing the X catch in the upper right corner as opposed to swiping out. Likewise, there is an undercover mode exhibit. Real destinations can likewise be seen rather than portable adaptations, which is cool. Streak is likewise upheld, however incapacitated as a matter of course. Google Chrome is additionally pre-introduced, however the nonappearance of glimmer bolster implies there might be more enthusiasm for the Sensed-out than in Chrome.

The Desire 700 has the Polaris Office application pre-stacked – the application underpins Word, PowerPoint and Excel and then some, and permits record survey and altering too. This was urging to see, notwithstanding when we neglect to locate a full Office suite on leader gadgets. There is even a PDF watcher accessible. The document altering and taking care of is decently satisfied with the gadget.

An intriguing expansion from HTC is the VPN application, KeyVPN, which is a fascinating expansion, since an ever increasing number of clients will utilize this choice. Moreover, this application is free, which makes everything the more alluring. The fundamental help highlights, similar to the logbook, adding machine, and clock are on the whole standard HTC issues.

The Desire 700 has the reliable HTC Tasks application here additionally, which can get to Google Tasks, also tragically, the nonattendance of area based updates will influence different contrasting options to appear to be more alluring to clients. The HTC Note application is additionally an option, which is like the S Memo application presented by Samsung, permitting note taking, with the additional usefulness of including illustrations, pictures and transcriptions into notes, and the capacity to share and print notes. Likewise present is the regularly engaging HTC Weather application. What's more, Google Play has tons more applications that intrigue a wide assortment of clients. Be that as it may, HTC Hub is truant on the gadget.

The Desire 700 has a worked in GPS recipient, which secures areas in less than a moment, which is quite fast. Additionally, for an unpleasant thought, something inside a scope of 150 meters, Cell-ID and Wi-Fi organize locking, which is entirely quick moreover. Google Maps has refreshed its UI and now offers voice guided route in a few areas. Maps can get stored too, with the goal that they can work disconnected too.


The gadget has a similar nonexclusive phonebook, telephone dialer and informing. The capacity for informing to incorporate web based life refreshes also is available here. One distinction however, in phonebook is that rather than tabs at the base, there are looks towards sides. Additionally, since this is a double SIM gadget, HTC empowers administration of contacts. At the point when the phonebook is opened out of the blue, it requests that which contacts are be shown. Likewise, a menu on the upper right side assists with all conceivable required highlights, similar to which contacts to see, contacts administration and others.

For each contact, the correspondence can be seen as clubbed, which makes life substantially less demanding. Likewise, the additional advantage of Block, which permits to shut out all correspondence from specific contacts is extremely helpful. The console has additionally been contacted up a bit, with the 5 inch show empowering more space for keys. Follow is additionally present here, implying that the swipe-like process works with this gadget as well. Additionally forecast is available to enable speed to up the procedure. There are two mail related applications the Gmail one and the HTC Mail application, and both work in fundamentally the same as ways. We utilized both, and for us, the Gmail application worked better.

The Desire 700 has an extremely essential and simple interface, and backings DLNA also – however the gadget has a shocking video codec bolster naturally, with the huge show gave, we thought the exertion of including codecs or an alternate player was as yet advantageous. The music player is custom and sans the Beats improvement, which was a killjoy. The fundamental plan highlights are as yet present, just like the DLNA. The application can download collection workmanship and craftsman photographs, and verses. SoundHound recognizes tracks, and aides in the collection data and in addition photographs and verses. The BoomSound however, influences the sound to appear to be sufficiently noisy.

A FM radio is likewise present on the gadget, with a basic interface, and fundamental capacities like examining and stamping stations as top pick – it additionally permits amplifier bolster and has RDS bolster. The Beats sound is painfully missed here as well, however BoomSound to some degree compensates for it. The SoundHound is coordinated here to help with the sound data.

Furthermore, talking about the sound, the execution of the gadget is to some degree – while the gadget impressed us with the diminished commotion, the dynamic range and insignificant crosstalk readings, the bending level was higher than anticipated, and the recurrence reaction isn't excessively awesome either. Furthermore, the circumstance is comparable notwithstanding while wearing the earphones.

Preparing Power

The Desire 700 has a quad-center CPU with 1 GB RAM, and however the makers are new, named Spreadtrum, the handling power gave utilizes the Cortex A-7 centers, a normal entertainer by the latest measures. The maturing Mali 400 GPU additionally tells the story of the gadget anticipated the mid-run. In any case, the gadget performed beneath our desires, and even its ancestor, the Desire 600 performs better as far as should be expected preparing. Indeed, even the Snapdragon 400 aggressive gadgets worked better regarding memory speed and CPU execution testing.

The execution isn't excessively grim however, and the gadget has tolerable handling power and is worthy for some – however it could perform better if chief appropriately.


The Desire 700 has turned out with a 8 MP shooter, which can provide food for stills of a maximum 3264 x 2448 goals snaps while in 4:3, and 3264 x 1840 res in 16:9. The gadget can catch 1080p recordings @ 30fps, and the LED streak underpins video recording moreover. The focal point of the camera has a more extensive gap, which means more covering region than expected. Likewise, the HTC ImageSense is available here, and is utilized for both video and stills.

The interface is entirely basic, with two shade keys on the screen (one for video and one for stills, no exchanging is required), over these falsehoods the exhibition alternate way while underneath lies the impacts choice. On the left side is the settings easy route and glimmer mode determination choice.

Tapping the impacts catch hauls out a tab on the left favor the typical shading impacts like sepia, solarize and others. Shot mode offers distinctive shooting modes like the standard Panorama, picture, low light, aggregate representation among others. All in all, the camera delivered truly respectable pictures, with decent hues and the photographs seeming more normal than over-prepared. Be that as it may, as a symptom of this, the pictures turn out very delicate, which, on a detail level, isn't up to the check as far as standard cameras. Additionally, the purple impacts show up on in excess of a couple of pictures, which is disturbing, and isn't expelled by means of the post preparing as well. For the HDR mode additionally, the pictures are not prepared consummately and the outcome isn't excessively engaging.

On a large scale level however, the camera delivered brilliant outcomes, with quite great zoom and pleasant detail with almost no obscure. The snapper additionally has the highlights of touch center, grin shade and face location, and the geo-labeling alternative is likewise present, which is constantly valuable.

The Desire 700 video recorder can catch 1080p recordings at the rate of 30fps, and 22 fps. The video catch should be possible in HDR mode as well, however that decreases the field of vision. The ceaseless self-adjust is available here, and there is an alternative to bolt center amid recording. The video is put away as a MP4 at 15 Mbps, with mono sound at 48kHz and 96Kbps bitrate. This doesn't make for the smoothest of recordings that we have seen.

The video is truly great on the detail, with spot on center, however the hues we thought were somewhat cool. Indeed, even the mono sound is tolerable, yet the lessened casing rate gives the recordings an uneven impact, which contrarily impacts involvement. There were examples where outlines were dropped as well. HDR is less than impressive in video recording as well, with no contrast between the ordinary and HDR recordings.


The HTC Desire 700 has finish 2G and 3G network for the essential (HSPA velocities of up to 14.4 Mbps for downloads and 5.76 Mbps for transfers), while just 2G on the auxiliary SIM additionally, the gadget has GSM bolster.

Neighborhood availability is available by means of Wi-Fi, DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct, with the goal that substance sharing is simple. Also we have Bluetooth 4.0 with the A2DP.

MicroUSB is utilized for charging and PC availability purposes, and there is an extra alternative to transform the gadget into a hotspot and Bluetooth tying is accessible. The hotspot can bolster up to 8 gadgets at any given moment.

For the double SIM administration, HTC has given a SIM card administration application, named Dual system chief, which permits simple switch between SIM cards, and in addition empower/handicap Airplane mode.

The nonattendance of MHL, NFC and the IR was somewhat disillusioning, however to some degree justifiable considering the range the gadget is focusing on. Notwithstanding, the accessibility of USB-in a hurry is urging to see.

Battery Life

The HTC Desire 700 has turned out with a not too bad 2,100mAh battery. The gadget can go on uncharged for up to 52 hours on the off chance that one hour every one of calls, recordings and perusing is done every day.

Be that as it may, while the discussion time is entirely great at very nearly 17 hours, and a better than average score is additionally present in the perusing, with over 12 hours posted there too, the gadget performs underneath our desires in video playback, piling on near 6 hours.


As is obvious from the above audit, the Desire 700 satisfy a few desires, while flops some also. The following are a portion of the simple deficiencies that the gadget possesses:

Chipset execution is route behind rivalry

Valuing of the gadget has not been done appropriately

The gadget is vast, notwithstanding for a telephone of its size

Camera and video recording execution was frustrating

Goals is poor for a screen of this size

Video playback decoders must be introduced independently

Absence of video-call bolster

3G bolster is missing on auxiliary SIM

Sense 5 does not have any fast settings flips

Would it be a good idea for me to Have to Buy the HTC Desire 700?

HTC Desire arrangement has been in the overdrive and has been attempting to consider every contingency with various gadgets taking into account diverse market sections. The Desire 700 was arranged as a double SIM low valued substitution for the HTC One. The gadget turned out with a 5 inch show, double SIM ability, a 8MP snapper, and the stereo speakers and Sense 5 skin alongside the style of Desire One to pitch too.

Be that as it may, the gadget has been discharged with a disappointing chipset ability, which albeit nice, will neglect to establish a connection, simply moving past the execution of the Snapdragon 200 gadgets. An extra unnerve was expedited by the camera, both in snaps and recordings. It influences us to ask why HTC would ask as much as the sticker price proposes for a gadget like this, which does not contend with the lead gadgets of the most recent year as far as execution, yet has a higher sticker price on it.

The circumstances have been difficult for HTC as of late, and they have been endeavoring to stay away from the low range advertise, which despite everything they are attempting to. Be that as it may, they need to enhance the pitch since, the Desire 700, with so few of those, unquestionably swings the choice the other path with such a substantial sticker price. With a sticker price of, say, seventy five percent the present value, this gadget could have been a solid player.

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