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At the point when BlackBerry propelled the KeyOne a year ago, an Android cell phone with a physical console, it played up wistfulness to win back BlackBerry aficionados of old. With its successor — the BlackBerry Key2 — the brand has insisted that physical consoles do have a place in our current cell phone scene, and it's gunning for Samsung and Apple clients. There are valid justifications to think about exchanging: BlackBerry has refined the console, the structure, and manufacture nature of the Key2, while likewise remaining consistent with its guarantee of security, protection, and excellent battery life.
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All things considered, it's TCL Communications that makes the gadgets now and licenses the BlackBerry Mobile brand name, however BlackBerry Limited in Canada still handles the product and security refreshes.

Exquisite AND SUAVE

On the off chance that the Key2 were a man, it would be the dashing CEO to a fruitful super partnership. It rethinks smooth.

The telephone is somewhat taller than its antecedent, yet it's 1mm more slender, and 12 grams lighter. It's significantly more agreeable in the hand and less demanding to grasp, on account of the level edges that are likewise chamfered. The utilitarian plan strips away all pointless lighten, leaving only the basics for a rich look.

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The 4.5-inch screen climbs a bit, and the bezels encompassing the showcase have contracted, giving the Key2 a somewhat more contemporary look. Despite everything you'll discover capacitive Android route controls beneath the screen, however the various catches on the telephone are currently on the correct edge — including the power catch and the Convenience Key. The power catch is finished, so you'll know which one you're going to press, and they're all simple to get to.

At the base is a USB Type-C charging port, with speaker grilles encompassing it. The speaker doesn't get noisy, and music and recordings simply stable normal. It's anything but difficult to square when you hold the telephone in scene mode, which happens regularly on different telephones with base terminating speakers too. Fortunately, there's an earphone jack and earbuds do come bundled in the container. We are somewhat astounded at the arrangement of the earphone jack, however, on the grounds that it's marginally off kilter at the best. It looks a bit of jostling, however it's the main structure defect we've found with the Key2; it's a generally carefully made telephone.

On the off chance that the Key2 were a man, it would be the dashing CEO to an effective megacorporation. It rethinks smooth.

The back of the telephone isn't excessively unique in relation to the KeyOne. The delicate touch material feels pleasant to the touch, and the best part is that it doesn't catch dirty unique finger impression marks like most glass telephones nowadays. It'll quite often look adequate. The camera isn't as large and intense as the KeyOne, and there are two focal points now.

The IPS LCD screen has a 1,620 x 1,080 pixel goals, with a pixel thickness of 434 pixels for every inch and a 3:2 viewpoint proportion. The screen looks sharp, beautiful, and sufficiently brilliant to see on a bright day. Blacks don't look as rich as we've seen on OLED screens, yet we don't have numerous second thoughts about the screen here. In case you're searching for a major presentation so you can observe bunches of films or recordings, this may not be the telephone for you as the screen may be a touch too little. That being stated, Netflix and YouTube look flawlessly satisfactory on the screen and fulfilled our marathon watching propensities.


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The screen is secured by Gorilla Glass 3, which is somewhat of a failure as most lead telephones utilize the more grounded Gorilla Glass 5. Regardless you'll need to snatch a case. The Key2 is additionally not water safe, so you unquestionably need to ward off the console from any water at all.

The Key2 looks sharp, smooth, and rich. There are two shading choices: silver and dark. We're torn on which we'd pick, since we cherish the inconspicuous look of the all-dark shading; yet the silver model truly elevates the negligible structure of the Key2. It's a decent issue to have.


The Key2, similar to the KeyOne, is about the physical console. On the off chance that it's bad, what's the point? The organization revealed to Digital Trends it invested a huge measure of energy playing around with various plans of the console to ensure it's ideal, and after over seven days of utilizing it as our essential gadget, we can joyfully affirm it is. We can't think about a superior word to depict it.

We've discussed changing from an iPhone X touchscreen console to the BlackBerry KeyOne console — a fun test, however our composing speed turned into a considerable measure slower. With the Key2, moving the screen a little higher means there's more space at the base for a somewhat greater console. The raised worries are gone between the columns of keys, the keys are a smidgen greater, and by and large, there's additionally breathing room.

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The matte keys slant down a bit, and they convey a wonderful material sensation when squeezed — they're not excessively soft, but rather they're positively not solid. The additional room truly helps us type quicker. That is also the way that the illuminated console is as yet capacitive, which means you can flick upwards under the prescient word bar to utilize recommended words rapidly for significantly quicker composing. We watched out for simply tap on the prescient words on the touchscreen instead of flick, however, as it would in general be quicker and more agreeable.

The console additionally serves as a trackpad, enabling you to look through the Android working framework and applications. It doesn't fill in and in addition we'd like, as looking over can feel extremely moderate — you're likely happier utilizing the touchscreen. That being stated, each key can be mapped to an application or alternate way twice — a short press and a long press. For instance, tap the M key to dispatch Google Maps, and after that press and hold the M key to dispatch an informing application. That is a great deal of alternate routes, however we discovered them simple to recollect rapidly. This technique for getting to applications is such a great amount of quicker than chasing down in your application cabinet or home screen, or notwithstanding hunting down an application.

The matte keys slant down a bit, and they convey a delightful material sensation when squeezed.

Be that as it may, the greatest change to the Key2's console is the expansion of another key. It's known as the Speed Key, and it replaces the additional move key that sat on the extreme right half of the console. On the off chance that you're in an application, press and hold the Speed Key, and, short tap or long tap some other key to hop to a remapped application. It's sort of like alt-selecting on a PC, however it gets you where you need to go a lot quicker — ideal for multi-taskers. For instance, in case you're in Maps, yet you need to hop to Photos, press and hold the Speed Key, and after that tap the P key (assuming you've remapped the P key to Photos). You'll hop straight into the application, without exitting Maps, open the application cabinet, and discover the Photos symbol.

The Speed Key is an incredible and valuable expansion to the Key2's console, and it truly lifts the performing multiple tasks encounter more than Android's local split-screen work.

Do we type quicker with a physical console over a touchscreen one? No. After such a significant number of long periods of motion composing, we're significantly quicker at composing on a touchscreen telephones. We have wound up to be somewhat more precise on the Key2, however, and the diminishing in speed doesn't prevent us from getting a charge out of this console. On the off chance that the material sensation clicks for you, you'll be stricken with the Key2.


The Key2 is fueled by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 660 processor with 6GB of RAM, and we could toss a wide range of errands at it without a lot of an issue. You will see a slight reduction in execution in case you're originating from a lead telephone like the Galaxy S8, S9, iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Applications don't open as fast, yet moving all through the working framework still feels liquid. We just seen plunges in execution when we were juggling a few errands in the meantime, yet and, after its all said and done our experience wasn't generally hampered.

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Here are some benchmark results:

AnTuTu 3DBench: 139,303

Geekbench 4 CPU: 1,617 single-center; 5,609 multi-center

3DMark Sling Shot Extreme: 1,020 (Vulkan)

The Key2's AnTuTu score is fundamentally the same as the Nokia 7 Plus, which has a similar processor, and it's not very a long way from the Google Pixel 2 (which ran a Snapdragon 835). Recreations like Retro Racing kept running effortlessly, and we figure the vast majority won't have hesitations about the Key2's execution.

There's 64GB of interior stockpiling in the U.S. demonstrate, and a 128GB model will be accessible in specific markets. There's a MicroSD card opening as well, so you can include more space when you require it.


The BlackBerry Key2 runs Android 8.1 Oreo, and BlackBerry said it will get two Android adaptation redesigns. That implies it will get Android P, however perhaps not instantly after it's propelled, and it will get Android Q in 2019. The product is for the most part stock Android, however there are a couple of changes made by BlackBerry and a mess of BlackBerry applications. The most observable visual option is the BlackBerry Productivity Tab, which stands out on the correct edge of the screen — it presently gives you a chance to include gadgets, so you don't have to swipe through too many home screens.

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The applications present on the telephone will for the most part be commonplace for BlackBerry clients, however there are a couple of new ones and huge updates to more seasoned applications. There's the BlackBerry Hub, where you can see every one of your notices, BBM, BlackBerry Privacy Shade, and Locker. The Locker application presently gives you a chance to store and cover up applications, requiring a password or unique mark actuation (by means of the spacebar key) to open them. Convenient on the off chance that you need to keep a dating application a mystery from collaborators, or other delicate records. Locker additionally now has the security centered Firefox Focus program pre-introduced, which erases perusing history when you leave the application. The default program on the telephone is still Chrome.

It's solitary 5mAh littler than the battery on the KeyOne, which could undoubtedly remain fueled for two days.

Photographs taken with the unique finger impression sensor are additionally covered up away in the exhibition application, and they're not transferred to the Google Photos cloud — another security benevolent element. Another application called Power Center reveals to you what applications are depleting your battery, and it takes in your charging propensities so it will send a ready when it realizes you won't make it to your normal charging window. The alarms we got from this application were valuable, as it precisely decided the time our telephone would come up short on juice.

BlackBerry said it has utilized the utilization of machine learning all through the working framework also. For instance, the DTEK application will let you know whether there's an application getting to delicate data like a mouthpiece, and you can deny the demand. This occurs after you have consented to permit the application to get to the receiver through Google Play authorizations, as an additional safety effort. You don't need to mess about a lot with this application, and BlackBerry makes it easy to comprehend — simply ensure your security level says "astounding" and you're ready.

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The Convenience Key — the physical catch beneath the power catch — now has three modes. There's a Car profile, a Meeting profile, and a Home profile. So in the event that you press the catch when the telephone is associated with your vehicle's Bluetooth, at that point it will give you three pre-designed applications based on your personal preference, for example, Google Maps, or Spotify. The Work profile applications will show up when you're associated with your work Wi-Fi, and your Home applications will be available on your home Wi-Fi.

There's so much you can do on the Key2, it can feel overpowering. Be that as it may, the overhauls make things less demanding to access, and you never feel like BlackBerry is driving you to utilize any of these highlights. You can even turn a large number of these additional product prospers off — like the Productivity Tab — in the event that you would prefer not to utilize them.


Hopping on the double camera slant, BlackBerry's Key2 has two 12-megapixel cameras on the back — one with a f/1.8 gap, and the other with a f/2.6 opening. There's 2x optical zoom currently, and in addition a Portrait Mode.

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The shade can respond immediately when you tap it, yet we've seen it will in general be somewhat moderate in low-light situations. In great lighting and even medium lighting, photographs look generally all around point by point and vivid. White equalization seems to be an issue now and then, however, as a few structures in our photographs wind up looking excessively purple rather than grayish. Furthermore, photographs do once in a while look excessively honed. The Key2 doesn't likewise have the best HDR, so a few sections of high-differentiate photographs may here and there look under or overexposed.

Hopping on the double camera incline, BlackBerry's Key2 has two 12-megapixel cameras on the back.

It's in low-light that the Key2 endures more. There's a huge amount of grain, yet our concern is more with shade slack. Now and then the screen remains open for an entire second or more after we've tapped the shade symbol, and the final product is only a haze that is totally unusable. It's not the case constantly, as we have figured out how to take a couple of tolerable photographs in low light, however risks are this telephone will baffle in under perfect conditions.

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2x Optical Zoom

The 2x optical zoom mode can look incredible in sunlight, yet points of interest are totally fluffy in poorer lighting. We're more shocked at how well Portrait Mode functions, however the component is precarious to discover in the camera application at a brisk look. The camera figures out how to distinguish the edges of a subject extremely well, and it applies a decent haze to the foundation, conveying a solid concentration to the essential subject.

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Picture Mode

The Key2 has a strong camera that can take extraordinary photographs, yet you might not have any desire to haul it out when you're at the club.

Extraordinary BATTERY LIFE

The BlackBerry Key2 packs a 3,500mAh battery limit, which is just 5mAh littler than the battery on its forerunner. You can state farewell to battery tension with this telephone, since you won't need to charge it consistently. The Key2 can without much of a stretch breeze recent day.

There is no help for remote charging, however we're not by any means missing it since battery life is excellent.

On a work day with overwhelming use, including video gushing, benchmark testing, picture taking, music spilling, and web perusing, we finished the day at 7 p.m. with around 40 percent remaining. On more moderate long periods of utilization, we've hit 48 percent at midnight — constantly in the wake of removing the charger around 7:30 a.m. — and on light days like the end of the week when we remained at home, we wound up with 64 percent battery life staying around 6 p.m.

The Key2 additionally bolsters Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0, so it revives quick. There is no help for remote charging, yet we're not by any stretch of the imagination missing it since battery life is excellent.


The BlackBerry Key2 costs $650, and it will be accessible in the U.S. beginning on July 13. It will be sold through Amazon and Best Buy, with pre-orders commencing on June 29, and it will just work on GSM systems like AT&T and T-Mobile (at any rate until further notice). It's marginally more costly than a year ago's KeyOne, and yet we think the assemble quality and commitment to making the ideal console will make this telephone worth its sticker price — particularly considering there are not really any telephones out there with a physical console.

TCL Communications offers a restricted one-year guarantee that covers fabricating deserts for the telephone.


Excellent battery life. A material and truly valuable console. Incredible programming with an attention on security and protection. What more might you be able to need? The BlackBerry Key2 is a remarkable telephone.

Is there a superior option?

Indeed, however not on the off chance that you need a physical console. You won't discover a telephone with a superior console than the Key2.

Notwithstanding that necessity, the iPhone X, Galaxy S9, and Google Pixel 2 XL are our most loved telephones right now. They all have extraordinary cameras, huge bezel-less shows, and incredible programming. They all do cost significantly more than the Key2, however, so your most logical option in case you're taking a gander at similarly estimated telephones is the OnePlus 6 or the littler Google Pixel 2. The OnePlus 6 costs $530, has an extra large screen, great plan, extraordinary execution, a proficient camera, and simple to utilize programming. The Pixel 2 is $650 and it gets a la mode programming frequently, has extraordinary execution, and a fabulous camera.

To what extent will it last?

The BlackBerry Key2 will last you more than three to four years. The telephone will get Android adaptation refreshes for a long time, and BlackBerry will stay up with the latest with security refreshes each month. It's more solid than most all-glass telephones, however the screen still may break in the event that you incidentally drop the telephone. It's not water safe.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

Totally. Regardless of whether utilizing a physical console hasn't generally entered your thoughts, we suggest try the Key2 attempt. You might be amazed at the amount you like it.

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