The Smartwatches of 2018 for Android & iOS

Searching for the most recent and most noteworthy smartwatch? We've spent the previous 18 months inquiring about all the most encouraging wearables, at that point purchased the most encouraging to test against one another and see which watches are really deserving of our honors. We positioned and scored how simple and advantageous each shrewd timepiece is to utilize, the nature of their presentations, and their compelling battery life, and in addition looking at the different brilliant highlights that every one has. Moreover, we additionally evaluated the distinctive wellbeing and wellness following capacities each smartwatch has, all to enable you to locate the ideal wearable for your wrist. Look at the total survey underneath to see which watches are our best suggestions for iOS, Android, and Samsung clients, and in addition which ones are the best on the off chance that you are hoping to spare some money.
The magnetically coupled charging cable attaches quite securely.

Pros Easy to utilize, extraordinary showcase, amazing battery life Extensive arrangement of wellbeing highlights, smooth and polished plan, to a great degree helpful and simple to use Easy to utilize, incredible presentation, best assortment of identifiable workouts Smaller than the S3, waterproof, extraordinary for wellness tracking Fantastic wellness following, bunches of shrewd capacities, perfect with Android Pay and voice control

Cons Giant bezel, could have progressively keen functions Battery life could be better, expensive Slow to charge, constrained application compatibility No worked in speaker, diminished arrangement of brilliant functions Mediocre show, unappealing tasteful

Base Line If you need a first class smartwatch and have a Samsung telephone, the Galaxy Watch is by a wide margin as well as can be expected get If you have an iPhone and need a choice smartwatch, at that point the Series 4 is for you One of the best models out there, however it loses some usefulness with non-Samsung phones While the Gear Sport isn't intended to displace the leader S3 show, this slimmer and sportier form still scored extremely well and is worth considering Our top suggestion for Android clients yet isn't the most jazzy watch around

Specs Galaxy Watch Watch Series 4 Samsung Gear S3 Samsung Gear Sport Huawei Watch 2

Water Resistant Up to 50 meters Up to 50 meters IP68 + MIL-STD-810G 5 ATM IP68

GPS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

NFC (Android, Apple, Samsung, or Fitbit Pay) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Refreshed November 2018

Coming into the Christmas season, we got the most current leader smartwatches from Samsung and Apple — the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch — and in addition another offering from Fossil, the Q Explorist HR. Both the most current Apple Watch and the Galaxy Watch conveyed essential execution, procuring Editors' Choice Awards. The Galaxy is by a long shot the best wager for Samsung clients, while the Series 4 toppled its ancestor, the Series 3 to guarantee the title of Best Smartwatch for iOS clients. Lamentably, the Explorist HR conveyed a to some degree baffling execution, completing towards the base of the pack, while likewise being very costly. Continue perusing to see precisely how this trio of newcomers piled up against the rest and how our new honor champs earned their titles.

Best for Samsung Phones

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Editors' Choice Award


at Amazon

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Water Resistant: IP68 | Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Amazingly simple to utilize

Great battery life

Fabulous wellness following

Less thorough brilliant capacities

Monstrous on generally wrists

Gaining one of the most elevated scores we have seen up until now, the Samsung Galaxy is an inside and out great smartwatch. It is completely stick pressed with wellness following capacities, has a strong arrangement of brilliant highlights, and an incredible presentation, combined with an unmatched execution in our battery life test. It's likewise extraordinarily advantageous and simple to utilize.

In any case, this watch is unquestionably on the bigger side and is truly recognizable on your wrist, settling on it a poor decision on the off chance that you lean toward your wearables to be more on the tactful side. Accessible in a 46mm and 42mm bezel measure, even the littler bezel can look totally colossal on those with progressively petite wrists. Beside that, we experienced considerable difficulties finding some other real defects with this item, effectively making it our best suggestion for anybody with a Samsung cell phone who is searching for the most perfectly awesome you can get with regards to smartwatches

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Best for iOS clients

Apple Watch Series 4

Editors' Choice Award


Rundown Price

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Water Resistant: Up to 50m | Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Unfathomably advantageous and simple to utilize

Imaginative heart wellbeing highlights

Huge amounts of accessible applications

Contradictory with non-iOS telephones

Battery life could be better

Ideal on the impact points of the Galaxy Watch, the Apple Watch Series 4 passed up the best score by a solitary point. Be that as it may, regardless it earned an Editors' Choice Award, as it is the best choice for iPhone clients, undoubtedly. This smartwatch has an exhaustive arrangement of shrewd capacities, including the biggest library of independent applications, and additionally an extremely noteworthy arrangement of heart observing highlights. It's super easy to use to work and has a strong arrangement of wellness following highlights — notwithstanding being water safe enough to follow your swimming exercises. It has the best showcase out of any wearable that we have tried and is accessible in numerous hues with various groups.

Notwithstanding, we wished that the battery life was somewhat better. This watch additionally accompanies a weighty sticker price, with the standard version as of now being the most costly of the gathering and the LTE release including another $100 for that. In any case, the Series 4 is an incredible watch for anybody with an iPhone — on the off chance that you can bear the cost of it.

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Best for Android Phones

Huawei Watch 2

The Huawei Watch 2. Editors' Choice Award


Rundown Price

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Water Resistant: IP68 | Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Incredible wellness following

Extraordinary arrangement of savvy capacities

Worked in GPS

Unsatisfying Display

Normal battery life

Offering significant enhancements to the first Huawei Watch, the Huawei Watch 2 is our new most loved smartwatch for those with Android telephones. This is the primary offering from Huawei that consolidates Wear OS, the most recent variant from Google, and makes utilization of all the new highlights this working framework bears. The Watch 2 joins an inherent GPS unit and NFC (Near Field Communication) to enable you to utilize Google Pay. The consideration of the GPS module supports the effectively noteworthy arrangement of wellness following capacities of the past Watch 1, making the Watch 2 our best proposal for those wellness disapproved of Android clients out there. This amazing wellness following execution and enhanced suite of brilliant capacities join to net this watch our Editors' Choice honor and the title of Best Smartwatch for Android Phones.

The main genuine dissension we had with this item was its general look, taking after a modest advanced watch, and its to some degree little showcase. While it looks somewhat less refined than its friends, it compensates for it in execution, making it our best proposal for Android clients.

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Best Bang for the Buck

Ticwatch E

The TicWatch E by Mobovoi. Best Buy Award


(19% off)

at Amazon

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Water Resistant: IP67 | Heart Rate Monitor: Yes


Works with both Android and (iOS capacities are marginally decreased)

Unremarkable battery life

Unremarkable wellness following

While this didn't convey the best execution generally speaking, we were very awed by exactly how much usefulness is packed into such a position of safety and minimal effort watch. This watch has both a worked in speaker and receiver, enabling you to use the Google Assistant and accept calls ideal on your wrist, however we found it to be somewhat finicky to achieve the last mentioned. It additionally has other simple savvy capacities, for example, interpretation, seeing your pop-up messages, controlling your tunes, and answering to instant messages. On account of Wear OS, it can run independent applications and stipends you access to the Google Play Store — notwithstanding for iOS clients. It additionally has a worked in GPS module and pulse screen, enabling you to follow your exercise advance utilizing the Google Fit.

Shockingly, this watch isn't frightfully exact at tallying your means or estimating your pulse. It likewise comes up short on the capacity to be utilized as an installment strategy and has no independent cell abilities. It likewise has a not exactly excellent battery life and a screen that is somewhat dull in quality. In any case, in spite of these negative perspectives, the Ticwatch is by a long shot as well as can be expected get on the off chance that you are shopping on a tight spending plan.

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Extraordinary for Fitness-Minded Users

Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa Special Edition.


at Amazon

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Water Resistant: Up to 50m | Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Simple to utilize

Extraordinary Display

Best for exercise following

Ease back to charge

Constrained application determination

While the Fitbit Versa isn't one of the best generally scorers and doesn't have the best arrangement of wellness following highlights, this watch stood out as an incredible choice for individuals that are extremely wellness centered. It stipends you access to the broad arrangement of focused and non-aggressive difficulties in the Fitbit application and even has a worked in training application. It additionally is a lot more affordable than the best items and is a considerably more careful frame factor.

Lamentably, it doesn't have a worked in GPS unit, rather depending on your smartphone's. It additionally doesn't follow very the same number of exercises as the best items, similar to the Galaxy. It additionally isn't the best at following pulses, tending to demonstrate a few varieties and unpredictable estimations when your heart is at a lifted dimension. The Versa likewise doesn't have the biggest arrangement of keen highlights, yet it will demonstrate most message pop-ups. Notwithstanding, while it has a few defects, it is an incredible esteem alternative for somebody searching for a smartwatch that is more in accordance with a customary wellness tracker.

Investigation and Test Results

We've spent the previous year purchasing and assessing the best smartwatches available, persistently refreshing our survey each time promising new items have been discharged. Notwithstanding huge amounts of research, experiencing several client surveys and the majority of the accessible data on each watch, we likewise test the execution of these items next to each other, exposing them to our complete testing process. This procedure is made out of more than 25 distinct tests, separated up among five rating measurements. These measurements — Ease of Use, Fitness Tracking, Smart Functions, Battery Life, and Display — are each weighted corresponding to their significance, with the full consequences of our testing technique portrayed beneath.


There is certainly a solid relationship among's cost and execution with regards to these items. Our best picks, the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Samsung Galaxy are both first rate timepieces, however both are very expensive — the base model Series 4 retailing for $399 and the independent cell demonstrate costing nearer to $400, while the base Galaxy goes for $279 and the bigger model costing $299.

Two of the best items we have seen up until this point.

Two of the best items we have seen up until this point.

Our most loved decision for Wear OS models, the Huawei Watch 2 is additionally equivalently costly, likewise having a rundown cost of around $300, yet can generally be found at a discounted cost at real retailers. In any case, on the off chance that these high sticker prices are giving you cause to freeze, you ought to think about the Ticwatch E. This is our most loved watch when shopping on a financial plan, despite the fact that it didn't score the most elevated in general, it offers a strong execution at a value that is not exactly 50% of the expense of the best models — $160 — and has a large portion of the basic capacities that you would need from one of these items. The Fitbit Versa is another alluring spending alternatives, particularly on the off chance that you are especially keen on the wellness following highlights of these items. It is more costly than the Ticwatch, costing around $200 and scores significantly better by and large, and in addition conceding you access to the broad Fitbit wellness biological system. Lamentably, it lacks a devoted GPS, depending on an associated one.

The Gear S3 was especially simple to utilize.

The Gear S3 was especially simple to utilize.


At first, you might be shocked that Ease of Use is the most noteworthy weighted measurement for these items, containing 30% of the aggregate score. These watches are intended to be worn day by day, flawlessly coordinating into your life, all while enabling you to keep up a steady association with your own computerized biological community. A watch that is baffling to utilize will rapidly stop to be worn, in a flash losing for all intents and purposes the majority of its utility. The accompanying outline indicates which models were a delight to utilize and which ones demonstrated very bothering.

Convenience Rating






Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear Sport

Watch Series 4

World Watch

LG Watch Sport

Huawei Watch 2

Fitbit Versa

Q Explorist HR

Fitbit Ionic

Ticwatch E











Product Ease of Use Rating

Samsung Gear S3 8

Samsung Gear Sport 8

Watch Series 4 8

World Watch 8

LG Watch Sport 7

Huawei Watch 2 6

Fitbit Versa 6

Q Explorist HR 6

Fitbit Ionic 5

Ticwatch E 5

We checked if these watches were waterproof, regardless of whether there was a crown scroll, that it was so difficult to take a screen capture, how they charged, and the trouble of swapping wristbands. We additionally put a lot of significance on-screen responsiveness, assessing it through two distinct tests. These items will kill their presentations when your arms are next to you, playing Judas on when you swivel your wrist to take a gander at the screen. This demonstrated increasingly troublesome practically speaking, with some model having an any longer postponement than others. Moreover, we analyzed the interface of each model — that it was so natural to utilize the touchscreen to explore through various menus.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Gear Sport, and the Apple Watch Series 4 all tied for the best score in this measurement, each procuring a 8 out of 10. These watches all have extraordinarily responsive touch screens for exploring through menus on the gadget and will wake up with for all intents and purposes zero postpone when you turn your wrist to see them.

The Apple Watch flawlessly woke when you raised your wrist to see it.

The Apple Watch flawlessly woke when you raised your wrist to see it.

The Apple Watch Series 4 uses a crown scroll — the dial as an afterthought can be turned to look through menus — making it especially simple to explore rapidly. This most up to date version of the Apple Watch currently includes haptic input also.

We loved having the crown to effectively look through menus.

We loved having the crown to effectively look through menus.

Each of the three of the Samsung smartwatches come up short on a crown look rather using a pivoting bezel for a physical interface.

The pivoting bezel is a very simple approach to explore through the menus on this watch.

The pivoting bezel is a very simple approach to explore through the menus on this watch.

The Samsung smartwatches all depend on a charging support, building up a simple to utilize and to a great degree secure association.

The Gear Sport has a pleasant charging support.

The Gear Sport has a pleasant charging support.

The Apple Watch Series 4 utilizes an inductive charger that mounts to the back of the watch with magnets. The association is very solid, yet the charger can be knocked off with adequate power. Notwithstanding, you can buy bases for the standard charger that transforms it into a charging support or stand in the event that you lean toward an increasingly secure association.

The attractive remote charger is genuinely secure yet can get bumped free.

The attractive remote charger is genuinely secure, yet can get bumped free.

These watches are for the most part waterproof enough to take swimming or in the shower. The Apple Watch meets a marginally more thorough standard than the Gear S3, ISO 22810:10:2010 contrasted with IP68+, while both the Galaxy and the Gear Sport are evaluated for up to 5 ATM or 50 meters of water opposition. These watches even have a committed profile for following your swimming exercises.

It is somewhat simpler to take screen captures on the Apple Watch than on the trio of Samsung watches by squeezing the two catches all the while, which will naturally send the photograph directly to your telephone. You hold down the "Home" catch and swiping to one side to take the screen capture on the Galaxy, Gear S3, or the Gear Sport, however it won't consequently match up to your telephone, expecting you to physically send it from the exhibition.

The Apple Watch makes it simple to swap wristbands yet you need to utilize Apple-explicit models.

The Apple Watch makes it simple to swap wristbands, yet you need to utilize Apple-explicit models.

It was anything but difficult to swap wristbands on these models, taking almost no time by any stretch of the imagination, however it is a minor piece quicker and simpler to swap between groups on the Apple Watch. Sadly, it is somewhat more hard to find perfect groups for this watch than for the Samsung smartwatches, as the Apple Watch doesn't utilize the run of the mill watch component.

The LG Watch Sport was spot on the impact points of this best gathering winning a 7 out of 10. The screen wasn't exactly as responsive, with a marginally discernible postponement for the watch to wake up when you lifted your wrist to see it. It additionally wasn't exactly as simple as the Apple Watch or Galaxy to explore through the menus utilizing the touchscreen. Nonetheless, this model has a crown scroll.

We wanted to utilize the crown look on the LG Watch to explore as opposed to the touchscreen.

We wanted to utilize the crown look on the LG Watch to explore, as opposed to the touchscreen.

This model additionally utilizes a charging support to set up a solid association for charging and is IP68 evaluated for waterproofness. Tragically, this model passed up the best score by coming up short on the capacity to swap wristbands and by the trouble in catching a screen capture. The LG Watch Sport has a reception apparatus in the band and uses the Wear OS application to catch a screen capture. This application was finicky and we quite often found an error between the review of the screen capture and the real screen capture.

Next, the Huawei Watch 2, the Fossil Q Explorist HR, and the Fitbit Versa all earned a 6 out of 10 for being better than expected as far as usability, however each having a couple of disadvantages that made them somewhat all the more a problem than the best watches.
The Huawei Watch 2 associates to a great degree safely to its charger, using a plastic clasp to get the body of the watch safely. It is additionally sensibly water safe, following the IP68 standard. This model lacks any rotational info technique, confining you to the touchscreen to explore the watch's menus.

The littler presentation on the Watch 2 made it somewhat more hard to utilize the touchscreen.

The littler showcase on the Watch 2 made it somewhat more hard to utilize the touchscreen.

The screen is sensibly responsive, waking from rest mode after about a second postponement. It was moderately effortless to swap wristbands, however the bended state of the Watch 2 makes it somewhat trickier and limits it to groups explicitly made for the Watch 2.

The Fitbit Versa is one of the more water safe models that we have seen, appraised for submersion up to 50 meters, making it more than reasonable for going with you in the shower or in the pool. It likewise has a standout amongst the most secure charging supports of the whole gathering, really bracing the watch in the place to the point where no measure of sensible shaking would thump it free.

The charging support holds the Versa safely.

The charging support holds the Versa, safely.

It's about normal to swap wristbands on the Versa, which depends on the standard, sliding catch style system. It requires a little skill, yet it very well may be practiced effortlessly with no particular devices.

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