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It was agreeable to wear inside with the warmth set to 73 degrees, and in our virus tests it kept us impeccably warm for a fast hurried to the post box (however not as warm as the L.L.Bean Winter Fleece). It doesn't have an inside tie, yet it remained shut fine and dandy with the belt. It comes in a bigger number of sizes than most robes we tried and the polyester extravagant didn't contract much (about 1.65 percent in our wash tests). As far as we can tell, this robe keeps its delicate quality and stunning appearance through numerous washes and numerous years. It can likewise be monogrammed.
The Best Robes
Imperfections however not dealbreakers: It wasn't exactly as breathable or ample as the L.L.Bean Winter Fleece Robe—we sweat in it after around 15 minutes—and the sleeves were somewhat more, which implied they now and again acted as a burden.

Sizes: Unisex XS– XL

Material: 100 percent polyester

Hues: White, tan, medium dim, dull dark, indigo, burgundy

A super-warm downy robe: L.L.Bean Women's Winter Fleece Robe

Why it's extraordinary: Of the considerable number of robes we tried, the L.L.Bean Winter Fleece Robe was the hottest. It was staggeringly agreeable to wear while relaxing and sitting at a work area, and despite the fact that it's made of polyester it didn't make us sweat, as can now and then occur with manufactured textures. On a 5-foot-2 analyzer, this robe was lower leg length yet didn't cause stumbling, and in our open air test, that length repelled drafts superior to some other robe. We could've strolled the canine in the snow wearing it. It has an inside bind to help keep it safely shut, and the pockets are sufficiently enormous for a telephone or hands. This is certainly not a miserly robe. The cut is large—there's a lot of material to envelop with, and the texture streams, instead of sticks like different styles we attempted. In spite of this, the sleeves don't feel excessively long.

It contracted less in our wash tests (about 0.5 percent). L.L.Bean's Winter Fleece additionally arrives in a hurdle up rendition, on the off chance that you like that style or need a robe that stays totally shut at the legs when you're taking a seat. It can likewise be monogrammed, if that is your thing. It's pricier than a great deal of downy robes we've seen, yet it's well justified, despite all the trouble, particularly with L.L.Bean's fulfillment ensure.

Defects yet not dealbreakers: When we washed this robe it created a ton of electricity produced via friction. It grabbed a considerable measure of build up simply strolling around in it, as well, so we think dryer sheets are fundamental when washing it. As is practicing alert when contacting doorknobs while wearing it—we got destroyed.

Sizes: Women's petite XS– XL; misses XS– XL

Material: 100 percent polyester

Hues: Light blue, naval force, purple

A comfortable downy robe for children: L.L.Bean Kids' Fleece Robe

A youthful tyke remaining in the L.L.Bean Kids' Fleece Robe in pink.

Photograph: Jackie Reeve

Additionally extraordinary

L.L.Bean Kids' Fleece Robe

L.L.Bean Kids' Fleece Robe

Our preferred children's robe

Accessible in a scope of sizes to fit each phase of adolescence, this robe is delicate and doesn't limit development, and the hues are splendid and fun. The appended belt should spare guardians some misery.

$45 from L.L.Bean

How it feels: A lighter-weight wool that gives kids the adaptability to go around yet at the same time remain warm.

Why it's extraordinary: L.L.Bean's Kids' Fleece Robe is delicate, comes in some incredible hues, and has sizes to fit children from toddlerhood through secondary school. It's not exactly as cushioned as the Winter Fleece Robe for ladies, however we think it has an all the more engaging surface for children. This wool is more slender, with a snooze (the fluffy surface of the texture) that looks and feels smoother and denser than the ladies' variant. This gives it an exceptionally delicate and smooth feel on the cheek, makes it less clingy on the body, and gives it greater development—an advantage for the vast vitality of children. It additionally grabbed less build up and static than the ladies' form. The belt is connected so you and your children never need to go chasing for it, and the pockets are sufficiently spacious to store treasures. This robe hits an inch or two beneath the knee, so kids won't stumble on it, and it likewise arrives in a hooded plaid adaptation. It looked incredible after five washes, keeping its fluffy surface without pilling. On the off chance that your children would prefer to envelop with a robe than get under a cover on crisp end of the week mornings, this is our pick. For an uncommon blessing, go for the monogrammed adaptation.

Imperfections yet not dealbreakers: We wish that it was accessible in indistinguishable hues from the ladies' wool robe—we know it's occasionally a good time for children and guardians to coordinate. Since this is an alternate model (not only a child rendition of the grown-up size), the hues don't relate precisely, in spite of the fact that naval force is accessible in the two sizes.

Sizes: Unisex little child 2T, 3T, 4T; unisex children 4, 5/6, 6x/7, 8, 10/12, 14/16, 18

Material: 100 percent polyester

Hues: Bright red, pink, naval force, seeker green, purple, water

Step by step instructions to pick a robe

Seven robes hung up on a metal rack.

Photograph: Michael Hession

When purchasing a robe for yourself, you may definitely know the materials and styles you like. Our staff members and analyzers had clear, solid thoughts going in, and, generally, our testing didn't alter their perspectives. Be that as it may, in case you're discussing what type will work best for you, or in case you're gifting a robe to another person, think about these rules (and in the event that you are purchasing a blessing, make sure to get a blessing receipt!).

Consider temperature: The textures you'll need to consider will shift contingent upon whether you need the robe so as to remain warm, keep cool and secured, or to just get dry after a shower. Downy, extravagant, and wool are best for cooler temperatures. Cloth and lightweight sews like shirt are best in hotter temperatures. Terry or waffle work best out of the shower.

Think about how it will be utilized: The little subtleties on a robe can have a major effect in usefulness, contingent upon when and how you intend to wear it. Robes with long sleeves or shawl collars are incredible on the off chance that you have to venture outside in the harsh elements or wrap up while relaxing around the house. A kimono-style robe will have a neckline that lays level, so you can even now get to your face and neck while getting ready to shave or apply cosmetics, and it will have shorter sleeves that won't plunge into your toothpaste. This sort is perfect on the off chance that you will in general utilize your robe as a morning robe.

Low upkeep is vital: Most individuals we conversed with did not have any desire to manage a material that required cleaning. Fragile silks, and numerous materials, can't be washed at home, or they must be hand-washed. We just tried robes that could be hurled in the washer and dryer.

Know the significance of shading: If you're gifting a robe to somebody, picking a shading can be precarious. A portion of our robes come just in quieted hues, and others have splendid, dynamic decisions. Run with an impartial in case you're truly not certain, however in the event that conceivable discover what hues they like. For children particularly, we realize that shading matters. Give a purple sweetheart a green robe and you'll likely be returning it. We thought about alternatives (particularly for children) that came in whatever number hues as could be allowed while as yet being agreeable and well-made.

How we picked and tried

In the wake of conversing with our specialists and our staff, and investing hours looking into robes on the web, we incorporated a rundown of very nearly 100 conceivable robes. At that point we read client audits, checking for incorrect and counterfeit surveys where we could, and thought about material, style, brand notoriety, and robe accessibility until we'd limited our rundown to 19 robes to test, a mix of unisex alternatives, sizes for children, ladies' styles, and some accessible for either sex. From that exploration, we decided our criteria for an incredible robe. This is what we were searching for:

Agreeable, launderable materials: Our staff members collectively disclosed to us they wouldn't purchase a robe that required cleaning, so we avoided higher-support textures like silk. Rather, we concentrated on terry, extravagant, wool, cloth, waffle, weaves, and peshtemal, since they can be washed and dried. We endeavored to pick the mildest or most noteworthy quality robes we could discover in those materials.
Size and shading choices: Wherever we might, we be able to searched for robes with a wide scope of sizes for men, ladies, and children. We likewise searched for robes with a few shading alternatives.

Brand notoriety: We believe it's significant that a robe—something you'll in all probability use much of the time—be both agreeable and enduring, so we concentrated our testing on brands that have a decent notoriety for quality and client administration. Despite the fact that robe measuring is genuinely adaptable, it's pleasant to know there's a decent merchandise exchange set up if the one you purchase just won't work. Every one of our picks offer returns, and many accompany astounding certifications or guarantees (we're particularly certain prescribing L.L.Bean because of its exceptional fulfillment ensure).

Development and structure: We considered plan subtleties like stashes (an unquestionable requirement!) and inside connections to keep the robe secure, and we noted client audits (and our own staff member's objections) about concerns like expanding at the chest.

Enduring accessibility: We needed to discover robes that you could discover effortlessly, robes that were accessible all year or would in any event return a seemingly endless amount of time after year.

When we'd brought in our test models, we attempted on each robe and took notes about its vibe. Bruce Cohen, president and proprietor of Boca Terry, guided us to check the sewing as an afterthought creases, armholes, and the base stitches, so we took a gander at these regions, just as the general development. We quantified each robe's sleeve length and by and large length down the center of the back. At that point we washed and dried them once and checked for tangles, pilling, and any issues at the creases. We attempted them on once more, wiped out a not many that hadn't held up well in the clothes washer, and estimated each robe a second time to decide shrinkage.

A board of six analyzers (a gathering of relatives together for the occasions), with three men, two ladies, and one young lady, attempted on the robes that endured to this second round of testing. We noticed the fit on various body types, and they gave us notes on what they preferred and detested, the materials they like, and which robes they'd go after once more. We disposed of a couple of something else.

With our limited rundown, we performed cold tests on the robes implied for crisp climate—downy, terry, rich and wool. We put on each robe and strolled from the front entryway, down the garage to the letter box and back amid a bone chilling January cool spell in New Jersey (it was around 19 degrees). We appraised each robe dependent on to what extent we could be outside before the virus got awkward.

We performed dry tests on the rest of the gathering of terry and waffle robes. We showered, rapidly towel dried, at that point put the robe on and strolled from the washroom to the room. We needed to perceive how agreeable each robe was on wet/sodden skin, and how well it consumed any residual dampness. At that point we balanced the robes on a snare and planned to what extent it took them to dry.

I set within temperature to 73 degrees and invested energy lounging around the house and working at my work area in every one of our finalist robes, focusing on which caused overheating, which felt like a characteristic bit of apparel, and which were commonly the most agreeable for ordinarily, around-the-house exercises. For the warm-climate robes, we attempted them on over uncovered skin and over a T-shirt to perceive how they felt in mellow temperatures, and that it was so natural to apply cosmetics or move around while preparing in them.

Care and upkeep

Bruce Cohen disclosed to us that in the event that you wear a robe with any recurrence you should wash it as regularly as you wash your towels (and we propose doing that after three or four employments). He additionally guided us to maintain a strategic distance from blanch. It merits washing dull robes with different darks as we saw a portion of the more soaked robes bled shading into the wash. We found that on the off chance that we adhered to the consideration directions, every one of our picks remained crisp and like-new after five washes.

The challenge


The Snowe Classic Bathrobe is the thickest, hottest terry robe we've at any point tried, however the fit is more cozy than the Company Store robe's. We've likewise heard a few objections from perusers and staff members about client administration issues with Snowe, including long transporting deferrals and an absence of correspondence about requests. Despite everything we think this is an incredible robe if the size is correct however we're less sure about Snowe's capacity to take care of requests and react to clients.

Coyuchi's Unisex Cloud Loom Organic Robe was pleasant and delicate, yet the terry caught after one wash. The pockets were additionally put excessively high so the robe's belt covers them and makes them difficult to utilize.

Parachute's Classic Bathrobe was delicate and gotten a handle on pleasant of the shower, however there were noticeable obstacles in the terry and around the creases after one wash. It wasn't as liberally measured as the other terry robes we tried in a similar size, and it sufficiently contracted (5 percent) that it ended up unwearable for a portion of our analyzers.

We tried the L.L.Bean Terry Cloth Robe for ladies and for men. One of our analyzers has claimed this robe for a considerable length of time, yet contrasted and the other terry we attempted, our test robe was so scratchy and hardened after one wash that the analyzer was prepared to exchange his old robe for something gentler.


Coyuchi's Unisex Organic Waffle Robe wasn't as mainstream as the Macy's Hotel Collection Waffle Weave Robe in our testing since it didn't have a delicate coating and felt scratchy on the skin.

Snowe's Honeycomb Robe looked more crumpled after our wash tests than the other waffle robes we tried, and it additionally didn't have a delicate coating.


Vermont Country Store's Portuguese Flannel Robes for people were hotter and more significant than the L.L.Bean's Scotch Plaid Flannel Robes, however the development, plan, and shading immersion were better on the L.L.Bean. The Vermont Country Store robe's sleeves were somewhat batwing-molded, which one analyzer said felt floppy and unwieldy, and its sleeves never again laid level after an outing through the wash.


Coyuchi's Relaxed Linen Robe is accessible for ladies and men, and we thought the development was somewhat preferred on this robe over on the Rough Line Robe, however it was a heavier, rougher cloth that was disliked with our analyzers. They thought it felt progressively like burlap.


The Honeydew Intimates Jersey Robe has a charming short length and comes for no particular reason hues and a decent scope of sizes, yet the pullover weave felt shabby, and it clung to each bend and lump in an unflattering manner.


We likewise tried Coyuchi's Unisex Mediterranean Organic Robe and Cuyana's Turkish Cotton Robe. The Coyuchi was better, yet, for use in hotter temperatures, neither felt as delicate and cool as our sew picks or as fresh as our material pick.

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