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For what reason they're extraordinary: If you're thick, in case you're thrilling, in case you're additionally, in case you're solid, in case you're a pear or an hourglass, we should discuss Universal Standard's Mola Pants. I had never genuinely experienced what it felt like to put on consummately fit, flawlessly cut jeans until I attempted these. It was a disclosure, and—I'm not overstating—tears were shed. They're light and blustery, they have pockets that lie smooth and level, and they embrace bends without sparkling a light on each lump. Produced using modular and pima cotton (the best-quality American cotton), these jeans aren't as warm as the Uniqlo sweats, however they are a lot gentler.
There are three Universal Standard stores (two in New York City and a showroom in Seattle). I called them all, and just the lead SoHo store stocks the Mola pants. The Seattle showroom offers free reserved arrangements (and wine) to take a stab at test sizes and request garments to ship to you—not to bring home that day. I live in Washington, however, and now I know precisely what I need for Christmas.

Imperfections however not dealbreakers: Because the Mola pants are so slim, we have to long haul test them to perceive how they wear after some time, particularly since they ordinarily cost around three fold the amount of as the Uniqlo sweats we suggest. Be that as it may, in the event that you generally experience difficulty finding the correct fit, we believe they're worth each penny.

Fit: The measuring on these jeans is somewhat not quite the same as on others we tried—estimating keeps running from 2XS, which fits a 6 to 8, through 2XL, which fits a 30 to 32—so investigate the size graph before making your choice. These were the best some jeans I've at any point taken a stab at. The belt fit perfectly—it didn't feel too tight nor did it hole, and the pockets didn't pull open as I moved or sat down. I'm 5-foot-2, and the length was slightly long, however I like my jeans to skim the floor. Tall ladies may discover them excessively short. Our other female analyzer is 5-foot-9, and despite the fact that the length skimmed her lower leg, she wears a size 2 or 4, and the 2XS pair (the littlest size accessible) was too huge in the midriff.

Sizes: 6 to 32

Material: pima cotton/modular

Hues: naval force, dark, seeker green

The best time, kitschy prints: Munki Thermal Long Johns

The creator remaining on a yard holding a cup of espresso while wearing Munki Thermal Long Johns printed with snowmen.

Photograph: Adam Reeve

Our pick

Munki Thermal Long Johns

Munki Thermal Long Johns

Fun prints, comfortable jams

We preferred the majority of the Munki styles and prints we attempted, however the rayon/cotton warm long johns are warm, and immaculate in the event that you don't care for a great deal of additional texture.

$90 from Amazon

How they feel: Warm (yet not very warm) and body-embracing, with a ribbed surface. Like, well, long johns.

For what reason they're incredible: Munki is a brand you should think about in the event that you need a wide scope of styles and prints. Despite the fact that the Munki Thermal Long Johns were our most loved for their body-embracing fit, we likewise tried the Munki hooded Fleece Onesie and Jersey Classic PJs, and we cherished them just for their comfortable, offbeat feel—which is great, since a portion of the prints and styles are at times elusive. The Thermal Long Johns had progressively occasional prints and weren't as delicate as the other printed style we tried, the Roller Rabbit PJs, yet they came in more sizes and were all the more liberally cut—when I lifted my arms or twisted around, the top stayed put and gave better inclusion.

We preferred the Munki prints in general in light of the fact that, notwithstanding the subjects we saw on numerous ladies' PJs (wine glasses, felines, espresso cups) they likewise offered progressively one of a kind prints. They're sold in enough places—Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, and shopDisney, among numerous others—that you will in all likelihood have the capacity to discover the print and style you need.

nightgown munki-munki-lowres-2919

The Munki onesie is lined in wool and particularly comfortable. Photograph: Adam Reeve

nightgown munki-munki-lowres-2884

The thumb patterns on the sleeves let you dismantle them over your hands to keep warm. Photograph: Adam Reeve

night wear munki-munki-lowres-2885

The henley-style top was more complimenting for bigger busts than a portion of the traditional tops we tried. Photograph: Adam Reeve

night robe munki-munki-lowres-2888

The bound lower legs make these jeans work for an assortment of statures. Photograph: Adam Reeve

night wear munki-munki-lowres-2919

The Munki onesie is lined in downy and particularly comfortable. Photograph: Adam Reeve

night wear munki-munki-lowres-2884

The thumb patterns on the sleeves let you destroy them over your hands to keep warm. Photograph: Adam Reeve

1 of 4

Imperfections however not dealbreakers: These PJs are accessible in numerous stores, yet it's dubious to see which prints are accessible in each style. It's additionally difficult to tell which physical stores convey what sizes. The long johns style has the most occasional prints of the three we tried, and it's the most formfitting of every one of our picks, which may not be for everybody. I discovered this set so charming to wear that I wouldn't fret.

Fit: On each of the three styles I attempted—the Thermal Long Johns, Fleece Onesie, and Jersey Classic—the fit was consistent with size. They were agreeable and open, and none of them were excessively long or loose. The majority of the styles go up to XXL, which should fit a size 20 to 22 as indicated by Munki's size graph and our testing. A XS should fit a size 0.

Sizes: XS to XXL

Material: rayon/cotton

Hues: snowmen, llamas, gingerbread (among others at various retailers)

Wool night wear for ladies: L.L.Bean Women's Scotch Plaid

An individual securing the top catch on a blue and green wool pajama top.

Photograph: Adam Reeve

Our pick

L.L.Bean Women's Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas

L.L.Bean Women's Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas

Warm wool night wear

These work of art and comfortable plaid wool night wear are the hottest set we prescribe, and they come in one of the most stretched out size reaches we tried. In addition, they have pockets.

$65 from L.L.Bean

How they feel: Soft and cushioned, however not very substantial or thick—like a well used in wool shirt.

For what reason they're extraordinary: I've claimed and worn numerous wool PJs in the course of the last 20 or more years (I cherish them beyond a reasonable doubt), and L.L.Bean's Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas are a portion of my top choices. They're produced using the mildest wool I've at any point attempted and a similar texture as our wool robe pick. I inquired about seven arrangements of wool nightgown and tried two, and the L.L.Bean set is better built, with a drapier, less-square shaped fit, than the P.J. Rescue wool nightgown we tried. This set comes in one of the vastest size scopes of any sleepwear on this rundown (from petite XS through 3X). In the event that a full arrangement of wool night robe isn't your thing, L.L.Bean additionally offers ladies' jeans just (in less sizes and one less shading).

After a few washes and a few days of wear, the L.L.Bean nightgown just got milder, and the sewing looked splendidly flawless, however I saw exceptionally slight pilling in the armpits. This is quite typical for such a fluffy texture—the P.J. Rescue night robe I wore hinted at pilling all over, and the crease on one trouser leg unwound. The nature of the L.L.Bean Scotch Plaid wool is greatly improved generally.

Defects however not dealbreakers: These night wear come just in plaid, yet that is an exemplary wool print. In spite of the fact that it's the hottest set we prescribe, it's not the hottest wool we've at any point tried. A few proprietor surveys note that the present night robe feel more slender than pre-2017 renditions, however we think thicker wool additionally makes for bulkier, stiffer nightgown. Likewise, we called three L.L.Bean stores to perceive what sizes they conveyed—none had larger sizes, and just a solitary one offered petites. For those sizes, you'll presumably need to arrange on the web.

Fit: We found that the jeans were more liberally cut than the tops (and a few proprietor audits note this, as well). In the event that you normally wear the bigger of the two sizes in L.L.Bean's size outline (a M fits a size 10 to 12, for instance), on the off chance that you have a greater bust, or in case you're stressed over the catches expanding, we propose surveying.

Sizes: XS to XL, in addition to 1X to 3X, petite XS to XL

Material: cotton wool

Hues: five plaid prints

Wool night robe for men: L.L.Bean Men's Scotch Plaid Pants

One of our analyzers laying on a love seat perusing a book while wearing wool pants from L.L.Bean.

Photograph: Sarah Kobos

Our pick

L.L.Bean Men's Scotch Plaid Flannel Sleep Pants

L.L.Bean Men's Scotch Plaid Flannel Sleep Pants

The best wool pants for men

These wool pants are the gentlest we attempted and feel practically weightless—they're lighter and preferred for rest over comparative shirt styles. The plaid prints are exemplary for winter.

$40 from L.L.Bean

How they feel: Warm yet light. Delicate all around.

For what reason they're incredible: L.L.Bean's Men's Scotch Plaid Flannel Sleep Pants are warm, however more slender than sweats, so we believe they're increasingly agreeable to rest in. They're accessible in a wide scope of sizes (counting tall sizes), and the great plaid prints feel fun. We considered four wool PJ pants for men and tried two, and L.L.Bean's felt milder, appeared to be increasingly lavish, and had a superior fit than the Eddie Bauer pants we tried. They're made of a similar texture as our wool robe pick and the ladies' wool night robe set we prescribe, and they have a similar fantastic development (despite the fact that the Eddie Bauer pants were likewise very well-made). Most men we asked said they didn't wear a full arrangement of night wear, however L.L.Bean makes a Scotch Plaid men's set in similar sizes and hues.

The L.L.Bean pants were fluffier than the Eddie Bauer PJs, whose wool didn't have the equivalent fluffy surface. The L.L.Bean pair kept its delicateness through a couple of washes, and we'll continue testing the jeans to perceive how they wear. On account of their delicate quality, one of our analyzers thought these jeans were more blessing commendable and unique than the Eddie Bauer pants.

Imperfections yet not dealbreakers: The L.L.Bean pants aren't as thick or as warm as the Eddie Bauer wool, so in the event that you need to wrap up during the evening, these jeans may not be for you. One analyzer stressed that these would destroy quicker in light of the fact that they're dainty. Additionally, in spite of the fact that this L.L.Bean pair's scope of accessible sizes is superior to those of other parlor pants we examined, the Eddie Bauer pants offer a couple of more sizes. When we called some L.L.Bean stores to perceive what sizes they conveyed, none of them had tall adaptations, so you have to arrange those on the web.

Fit: Both of our male analyzers revealed to us the jeans were consistent with size at the midriff however somewhat long (our analyzers are 5-foot-9 and 5-foot-11). From our estimations, the inseam on the L.L.Bean pair is about 32¼ creeps for the ordinary length, and the inseam on the Eddie Bauer pair is 31 inches. One analyzer said that in light of the fact that the jeans aren't decreased he had an inclination that he was swimming in them underneath the knee, however this wasn't an issue for our other analyzer.

Sizes: ordinary S to XXL, tall L to XXL

Material: cotton wool

Hues: six plaid prints

How we picked and tried

To investigate loungewear for ladies and men we read proprietor audits, conversed with specialists, and talked with Wirecutter staff members and companions. While numerous ladies said they needed full pajama sets, most men noted they wear just pajama and parlor pants, matched with tees. We considered and gathered a rundown of 105 night wear and parlor pants. We searched for sets and jeans that met the accompanying criteria:

Great quality textures: We searched for textures that vibe incredible to wear while you're relaxing around the house, resting, or doing whatever else you extravagant in the room. We maintained a strategic distance from synthetics (yet considered mixes), and we focused on the look and feel of each pair.

Comprehensive estimating: This factor ended up integral to our exploration after we understood that it was so elusive night wear with expanded measuring for people to fit an assortment of bodies. As a larger size lady, I will in general shop on the web, however I additionally conversed with individuals who like to give things a shot in a store. Since organizations regularly sell expanded sizes online just, I called physical stores at whatever point conceivable to ask what sizes they conveyed. I heard accounts of ladies escaping or more than once being alluded to the men's specialty if nothing in the ladies' area of expertise fit (and the other way around, for littler men).

The correct fit: I conversed with individuals who worked in retail or were likewise hefty size about the difficulties of discovering garments that fit, and we thought about whether the cut or style of the night robe looked great on anyone. Nightgown and parlor pants are excusing, and the majority of our picks aren't intended to be body cognizant, yet we watched that the fit was complimenting and precise to the brand's size guide.

Launderability: We tried just those textures that were anything but difficult to keep up and didn't pill, slight, or wrinkle severely out of the dryer.

Perfect subtleties: We searched for sets with decent catches, quality sewing, pockets, present day plan, and by and large extraordinary development and style.

Utilizing these criteria we limited our rundown to 26 sets for testing. Our analyzers gave them a shot for fit and feel, we quantified them, and afterward we washed and dried everything (with the exception of the silk sets) once, remeasuring to measure shrinkage. We had one fundamental female analyzer (me) and one male analyzer who took a stab at 25 of the 26 sets, in addition to an extra female analyzer in another size who took a stab at a bunch (counting the 26th pair, a silk set we didn't pick); we gave another male analyzer different sizes of our men's jeans after we'd made our picks, and he helped us check the fit.

I inspected some jeans and night wear we tried for sewing and development, and I analyzed textures. I noted which woolen clothes were warm and delicate, which silks felt too luxury, and which cottons were mildest and hung the body best. I took a gander at everything post-wash to perceive how it held up, and I considered our other analyzers' impressions of the vibe and fit. At that point I lived in the ladies' night wear and jeans. For a whole month, I wore them practically every weekday—in each work meeting, out to walk the canine, and once in a while even to class pickups or the market. I frequently rested in them, and I energized our primary male analyzer to wear his test matches regularly. He likewise did tasks around the house, strolled the puppy, and ran errands in them.

Care and support

All that we prescribe in this guide is launderable, yet it's basic to adhere to the consideration directions on your articles of clothing. A few of our picks are mixes of synthetics and cotton, which implies you shouldn't wash them at the most sultry temperatures, as that will abbreviate their life expectancy. Our everything cotton picks will recoil a little in the clothes washer, however by and large we found that none of the sleepwear we tried shrank much, so it shouldn't influence the size and fit.

You can wash silk on the off chance that you comprehend what you're doing, said Cora Harrington of The Lingerie Addict, however you should most likely dry-clean especially fragile or additional uncommon silks. The silk night robe we prescribe here are thick and strong, and the mark says they can be hand-washed or dry-cleaned. Harrington noted, "Handwashing inaccurately can make the color on your silk drain or run and the silk itself to lose its shine." She recommended utilizing a delicates wash and cool water for hand-washing. In the event that you utilize a clothes washer, utilize the delicates cycle, an undergarments wash pack, and cool water. "What's more, never placed silk in the dryer!" Harrington included.

The challenge


Eddie Bauer's Men's Flannel Sleep Pants were thicker and hotter, and came in more sizes and prints, than the L.L.Bean wool men's jeans. In any case, they weren't as delicate, and the fit wasn't as complimenting. On the off chance that you like an increasingly tough inclination wool gasp, in the event that you need a print that isn't plaid, or on the off chance that you need extra sizes (the customary sizes go up to 3X), we think these are a strong decision.

P.J. Rescue's Women's Flannel PJ Set didn't have comprehensive estimating, and the quality was poor contrasted and the L.L.Bean ladies' wool set. The sewing on one of the trouser legs began to unwind after a solitary wash and a couple of long periods of wear, and these PJs hinted at more pilling than different sets.

Parlor pants

We prescribe Eddie Bauer's Cabin Fleece Pants for taller ladies. They were milder than the Uniqlo sweats, warm, entirely agreeable, and consistent with size, yet they were right around multiple times as costly and any longer—the inseam was 32 creeps on the pair we tried, versus around 29 crawls for the Uniqlo pair. Eddie Bauer additionally offers these jeans in petite and tall sizes, so they'll fit an incredible scope of statures, yet the most elevated stretched out size went up to XXL (20 to 22), which wasn't on a par with Universal Standard's range.

Uniqlo's Women Pile-Lined Sweatpants fit precisely just as the ladies' workout pants we prescribe, yet they're fixed with fluffy wool, making them a lot hotter. They're an incredible choice in case you're constantly cold, but since they're thicker, they look marginally less custom fitted than the French-terry warm up pants. As of this composition, the heap lined jeans have more accessibility than the ladies' sweats, yet this rendition additionally appears to be new this fall, and we saw two or three objections that the estimating was not quite the same as past forms.

The Bonobos Ultrasoft Lounge Pants for men are a decent wagered in case you're tall. The inseam was 35½ inches, contrasted and the 30 creeps of the Uniqlo pants. They're milder and drapier than the Uniqlo pair, as well, so on the off chance that you incline toward less-inflexible sweats you may like them, however they commonly cost just about four fold the amount. They come in six hues and sizes, from XS to XXL. We figure the XXL will fit around a 44-to 46-inch abdomen.

The MeUndies Men's Lounge Pant is made with delicate modular, which we cherished for a few of our ladies' picks, yet our male analyzer (who's a MeUndies endorser) thought these jeans were unreasonably flimsy for winter and for wearing around houseguests. They were additionally excessively long—he's 5-foot-9, and he had a feeling that he'd stumble on them as he strolled. On the off chance that you like a slender gasp for dozing or relaxing, or in case you're tall, you may value these. Sizes go from S to 2XL, and they come in five solids and four prints.

The Lunya Siro Draped Jogger, additionally made for the most part of modular, was a some jeans, however the dropped groin was somewhat ungainly for both of our female analyzers, and the measuring isn't comprehensive. A XL fits a size 16, however no higher.

Calida's men's night robe are a staff proposal—one of our editors adores them and notes that these are "incredible elderly person PJs." We didn't test them, however we believe he's quite solid. As per the size graph, the S should fit a 32-inch midriff, and the XXL should fit a 48-inch abdomen.

Jersey night wear

We suggest Munki's Long Sleeve Classic PJ pullover set as another choice on the off chance that you don't care for the Munki long johns night wear. It would be advised to prints than the Nordstrom Moonlight PJs, and the texture felt higher quality. Measuring goes from XS (0 to 2) up to XXL (20 to 22).

Nordstrom's Moonlight Pajamas aren't awful at the cost. They cost about half as much as the Eberjey set we suggest, they come in four solids and six prints, and the measuring goes from XS (00) up to XXL (18 to 20). In any case, in our tests, the texture had a slight sheen that made it feel more affordable than the other shirt sets we attempted.


We tried the henley style of Roller Rabbit's Pajamas, and the prints have a more bohemian vibe than some other PJs we considered. In our tests, the hues were soaked and lively, the cotton was thicker and milder than Munki's texture, and generally speaking these night wear were truly agreeable. They simply weren't as complimenting on a greater body as the Munki night robe, and they didn't have very the same number of sizes. (Nonetheless, our tall analyzer found the thin cut gasp complimenting.) They're likewise substantially more costly.

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